Thursday, 18 September 2014

Denim dress

I will never tire of loving this dress. Picked up in a charity shop for £8 a few years ago. Weird weather we're having at the moment. It's cold first thing, boiling during the day (not for me though as I work in an air conditioned office) and cold at night.

Legs out, false tan on (I use Cocoa Brown 1 hr instant tan which is AMAZING because it's quick to dry, even colour (if you apply correctly) and the best part is - IT DOESN'T SMELL OF RICH TEA BISCUITS)!

Here is what I wore yesterday. I asked if it was mutton, mmm or meh - I got mmmm from most who replied on my Facebook Page - thank you!

Oooh Dorothy Perkins are selling a 'tall' range denim dress for only £17.60 - it's gorgeous don't you think? If you're not tall then they're selling in standard height size too (also £17.60)

My grey cashmere cardigan was a TK Maxx bargain. £300 down to £80. This isn't a bad one from Mint Velvet at £79.

My boots were CHEAP £10 ones from Deichmann I think or Peacocks. I love these ones from Next - £60

Are you a fan of the dress and ankle boot? Denim shift dress?



  1. Fab dress Fiona & a complete bargain!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. I love denim dresses but I've yet to find my perfect one! The hunt continues....... :) x

  3. Isn't it fab to still be getting the legs out!! Love the both outfit combos! It's about time I invested in the Cocoa Brown stuff! xx

  4. I so want a denim dress that shape & the DP one looks like a great buy! I love the look of skirts & boots! It's been glorious hasn't it? I'm dreading winter! Ax

  5. It's a fab dress Fiona, I agree. And I guess you can wear it in winter layered up. Love it with trainers

  6. Love dresses with ankle boots...your denim one is fab:)

  7. I use that tan as well, it's great! Love the dress x

  8. Great dress - I love my denim dress....but I wish I had your legs to wear with mine! Oh and great find on the grey boots - those Next ones are fab. x

  9. I am a big fan, on other people. At my age I would look like I was trying way too hard! Love the style of the DP denim dress, that is the shape I was after back in spring x

  10. It is a fab dress, fiona, and I also love those Next boots. Lynne x

  11. Very cute, what a bargain dress. Looks fab on you. P x