Tuesday 10 March 2015

Marks and Spencer Sale

It seems more and more high street stores are having more and more sales. I'm not complaining! Marks & Spencer currently have up to 50% off. I've spied a few great items. In fact, M&S right now are totally back to what they once were - great on trend fashion at affordable prices. Have they have a change in management on the fashion side of things?

Here are some other wonderful ladies from Avenue 57 wearing their favourite M&S bits.

Natalie looks amazing in her faux leather skirt from Sainsbury's but M&S have one very similar here. Currently only £26 (down from £45).

Josephine looks GREAT in her Limited Edition girlfriend jeans - she's not happy with them but I think she looks amazing! In the sale now at £30.

Lynne from Dorothy Camper looks FAB in her orange jumper - not on sale but available for £29.50

I wore a pretty dress yesterday, mine was from Miss Selfridge but similar here from M&S in the sale. Now only £39.

Here are my best buys (value wise and money saving):

Staple black and white layering long tshirt - £6.50 (comes in purple too)

Boot slippers - £9

Black cropped trousers - £9 (low in stock)

Black ribbed polo neck jumper - £11

Red suede Chelsea boots - £25

Don't forget when browsing sites that are big like M&S to use the size filters - there is NOTHING WORSE than finding an item you love only to discover it's not available in your size!




  1. Argh, I love those girlfriend jeans - wishing you hadn't told me they are on sale as there's no way I can justify buying jeans at the moment! Or do I buy now in the hope they will fit come late summer...Love your gorgeous dress x

  2. Thanks, Fiona. I spotted that dress online too - it's gorgeous! M&S do have some fabulous oieces at the moment but the things I'm wanting aren't in the sale :-( you look fabulous in that dress (even if hubby doesn't like it!). Lynne xx

  3. Love it when M&S get their sale rails out. I never find anything but I love the rummage!! x

  4. My! M&S have some goodies at the moment don't they?! Love the dress on you Fiona....that has a certain nod to the 70's don't you think?! xx

  5. Those are great jeans, m&s are really on fire with their denim offering this season, aren't they? Can't believe what a bargain they are! Love A57 for ideas and inspo - some fab looks here (yourself included of course ;-D) xx

  6. Had a bit of a rummage yesterday but came away empty handed. Some great bargains in boots though for anyone of the right size i.e. not a 37!

  7. Great advice and thanks for the heads up on the sale - must have a nosy tomorrow when I'm in getting the mother's day present! x