Thursday 7 February 2013

7 Days, 7 Looks - ME!

Wow, doesn't a week fly past these days!  I thought I'd update the blog with my outfits from the past 7 days.  I have totally mixed up my looks I think from casual to smart, to not making an effort to making one ..

Hair cut and coloured tomorrow and about time too - there is nothing I can do with it, it's frizzy, limp and just pathetic really - if wigs were fashionable and ok to wear then I would have lots and wear a different colour and style every day!

Today I am wearing this H&M knitted dress.  Off to check out Gok Wan's new collection so want something I can easily take on and off.  H&M scarf and Peacocks boots

 Was going for the student look below with jeans that are too big for me and a jumper that is too small - fortunately I did nothing but the school run and work from home - phew, think I just about got away with it!
Where's Wally I hear you cry?  I love this Sainsbury's tunic but someone's small child said to them when they wore their's - 'where's wally mummy'?  I've never been able to wear it again without thinking of this but I do love it for ease and comfort

One of my favourite outfits of the week.  Was meeting some old friends and the sun was shining so I got out the white jeans.  I love white/grey and tan.  I felt very happy in this outfit and my hair JUST about played ball that day - super large quiff it was!

Met with my Mum for a day of shopping and lunch (epic fail, only bought on navy striped tunic from M&S).  I love these tan high boots - I've had them stashed at the back of the wardrobe for too long - I've always been so conscious of being VERY tall when wearing them but recently I've learnt to love and embrace my height .. only taken 39 years!

Went to friends for lunch and had to wrap up warm, it was a cold day and I needed baggy top to hide over eating!  I love my TK Maxx cardigan (James Lakeland brand)


Last week was Rock Up In Red and this is what I wore to mark the occasion.  Found the necklace at the back of the cupboard - it will come out again, I love the colours.

I would love to see what you've been wearing, don't forget you can easily post your looks to Avenue 57 every day or just on special occasions!

Right, off to check out Gok's collection!  I'll be back ......



  1. I'm having bad hair days too - cut and blow dry booked for next week - I was organised enough to book in advance and save myself £10 too for pre-booking. That's £10 towards something else in my books.

    I dragged out the white jeans too this week but only to see if I still liked them, that I still fit them and then put them away again. It's a bit too soon for me. Some great looks there - embrace your height or lack of it in my case :o)

  2. Hmm ... funny that! My hair booked for cut and colour next week also. You'd swear we were all going somewhere in the next few weeks, lol!!!!

  3. LOVE the quiff:) I can't wait to get to Sainsbury's when I'm back - hope there is some Gok left!

  4. Yep I need to get my hair sorted this weekend too, my roots are way to bad to go on any longer. Some great looks Fiona, u look very happy in all your photos!