Wednesday 28 May 2014

Meeting with a funky agency

Last night I went to bed at 10pm as I always do, started to read and then switched off my Kindle at 11.00. I wanted to sleep, I needed to sleep, I have the busiest Wednesday ahead of me and sleep would (and will)make or break me today.

Here's my list of things to do today:
Get ready and dressed for a job interview
Get the kids ready for school/breakfast/break up fighting
School run, leave house at 8am
Job Interview at 9am
Start work at 10am until 3pm
School run number 1 for Oliver who finishes at 3.45pm
Lady coming to the shop at 4.15pm
School run number 2 for Alex who finishes today at 5.50pm
Tea for children and I might remember to eat myself
Pack up shop to take out later
Babysitter arrives at 6.45pm
Clothes party in local area from 7pm through 10pm

Even by my standards that's a bloody busy day! So with all that on my mind you can imagine my frustration at STILL BEING AWAKE AT SODDING 2.30am - yes you heard me 2.30am! When the alarm woke me at 5.50am you can only imagine how I felt. I looked in the mirror and looked like I'd been on a bender, my eyes were RED!

Anyway, onward and upward, I got the job! It's working very part time for a Digital Media Agency and I'm looking forward to helping them with their social media on a daily basis.

I had no idea what to wear this morning so went for casual skinny coated jeans with a softer top, boots because it was raining and a gilet because it's cold. Did I pull off the 'I am trying to look young and funky to fit in and I hope you think I'm old enough to do what I know I can do'.

Yesterday I did a show and tell of some new things I've added to the shop in prep for a party later and another one next week.

I need to lie down, it's only 13.03pm, I've forgotten my lunch (lie .. there was no bread at home), I can't be arsed to go out to get some so coffee and water until I get home in a few hours. I know that's naughty but it's kind of the 2:5 diet right?!



  1. Blimey! It amazes me as to how much us women squeeze into a day! Our hubbys just don't get it either & although work hard etc they don't run around as much as we do! I think your outfit was spot on & you look funky & fresh! Well done on the new job! I'm in full slob mode today & feel guilty even though I normally bomb around like a nutter & needed a day in! Ax

  2. Phew! I need a sit down I'm exhausted just reading about your day.
    Sue x

    1. This is why we still haven't met for coffee!

  3. Love your interview outfit for the funky did it go?? Some fab looking items in the shop....I'm off to have a look xx

  4. Super-mum. I'm going to buy you the t-shirt. I feel exhausted just reading this. Well done getting the job and I think your outfit most certainly hot the mark xxx

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you ! I am exhausted and going to bed!

  6. I need to go and lie down just reading all that Fiona, well done on finding more work though, that is great! Loving all the light pink tops you have in the shop ... x

  7. We 'just do it' forget the Nikes, women can multiplus task, and still look super amazing as you do! xx

  8. LOVE your outfit - perfectly styled for what you describe - and sounds a fab role too - you'll be amazing! xx

    1. Thanks Joanna!!! I hope I will, I'm excited!

  9. And breathe. Well done you for getting the job. You will be awesome. H xx

  10. Congratulations on the new job!! Working with social media on a daily basis! that's a peach of a job!!
    ps - I'm sure I briefly saw a post from you about Sass about cant find it now - Did you post? and if so can you publish or email me the link. If you didn't I must have started dreaming about your blog posts :0)