Tuesday 13 August 2013

The staple sweatshirt

My biggest surprise new love for 2013 is the sweatshirt! It started when H&M did one of their crazy sale items for £2. Yes, £2 is all this jumper cost me! I could kick myself that I didn't buy it in every colour they had going at the time.

I was in TK Maxx last week and at the front of the store was this beauty for £12 - it's a stunning colour with diamonte shoulders!! It's not available online but I have seen it in 2 TK Maxx stores locally.

And so, I am now on the hunt for more sweaters like this because they are so easy to wear all year round. Grey is the next colour I'm going to buy. Here is my round up of grey sweaters to buy from the high street.

Starting with on of my favourite stores on the high street - Matalan

Jumper on the left: Matalan Lace Detail - £12
Jumper on the right: Matalan Spots - £12

Jumper on the right: New Look Grey Sweatshirt - £12.99

Jumper on the right: Topshop (navy) £18
Jumper on the left: Topshop (grey) £18

And since I was on the Topshop website (which I never normally do, and since someone showed me this last night on Twitter) I couldn't resist adding in these - HOW GORGEOUS?

Do you wear sweatshirts? I didn't until this year and now I'm a convert!



  1. OMG I remember the grey sweatshirt look the first time around. I slightly ODed on it, a certain all in one grey jumpsuit with pink fingerless gloves and a huge pink bow in my hair, all dressed up for a Nick Kershaw concert I about 1985!

  2. You know me - yes. I seem to be slowly building up a collection and on the lookout for more. And yes - you'll definitely need to get a grey one. That's the holy grail colour for sweatshirts.

  3. I dont but a grey sweatshirt is on my wish list for this a/w. I think they look effordlessy cool. I like the traditional v stitching on the necks like the new look one you have picked out.

  4. I don't wear them really - I have one but it's not something I enjoy wearing if I'm honest, they look wrong on me - sloppy and not very put-together. Watch this space - like the wedge trainers, I'll probably do a U-turn on sweatshirts :) x

  5. The spotty New Look one is on my wishlist! Ax