Monday 8 October 2012

FrOctober – what is it all about?

Froc what?  I know, took me a second glance to understand what was written and a few times to say it correctly in my head.  FrOctober (frock + October – gettit?!) is the idea behind 3 lovely women who met on Twitter and started a challenge as they were all in agreement that they were relying TOO heavily on wearing jeans all the time.  So they took October and frocks and came up with FrOctober !  From then on they made it into a charity challenge and now support  a charity that is close to their (and lots of others) hearts - Post-Natal Depression - PNI ORG UK

So when Avril from School Gate Style asked me if I’d like to join in for fun and to raise awareness, I jumped at the chance I love challenges – see our 30 day no repeat SHOE style challenge.  I also wear my skinny jeans too much so I was looking forward to getting out of that rut and into a new one for 30 days!

Should I be embarrassed to say that at no point did I think ‘I don’t own 31 dresses’?  I actually knew that I did and/or if I didn't I would buy or borrow or just re-style for a different look the ones I do own.  So without further ado how did I get on with week 1?

I’m not the only one taking part from the community on Avenue 57 – there are a few others who are also giving it a go – here they are looking gorgeous in their dresses.

Are you stuck in a style rut?  What’s your guilty item of nonstop wearing?


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