Friday 2 October 2015

Brand Discovery - Sandwich Clothing

The lovely ladies at Gemini have a wide range of brands in their shop and online. I've met the ladies behind the shop and have spent a fun day last year with Donna from I Won't Wear Sludge Brown on a photoshoot.

A brand which I became aware of last year and keep seeing more of is Sandwich. It's a Dutch brand originally and they say "Sandwich designs highly wearable fashion with a twist. Our clothing can be worn every day, but is never ordinary. You’ll recognise the Sandwich twist in our surprising cuts for example, our use of fabrics or our one-of-a-kind prints."

Here is my pick of the best via Gemini. The yellow scarf is amazing. Imagine that over a breton with a nice blazer and jeans.

Boucle Long Cardigan Coat
Denim Dress

Snuggle Jumper

Yellow Scarf

Vintage Look Jeans

Have you heard of Sandwich Clothing before? If you want to see a wide range of their clothes, free delivery over £75 then head on over to Gemini to order today.



  1. Oh that boucle cardigan! Love it. I seem to wear my big coats less now that I don't have 'proper' school runs (a.k.a. booting child no.2 out of the car at the train station) so this kind of coatigan is ideal for me x

  2. Gorgeous pieces, Fiona. It's a fab brand, isn't it? The denim dress is lovely. Lynne xx