Sunday 8 September 2013

Knee High Boots For Skinny Calves

I have ALWAYS struggled with getting knee high boots to fit my sparrow legs. It drives me NUTS that I cannot just walk into a high street store and pick up a pair of boots. 3 years ago a friend told me about a company that specialise in made to measure (for the calf) boots. I have 3 pairs of boots from Duo because they are:

1 Amazing quality (boots that last for YEARS not just one year)
2 Tailor made TO FIT YOUR CALF, whether it be big or small
3 Great for customer service
4 Free UK delivery

Bassey £180        Belice £210        Bach £230
Flore £195        Amora £270        Beaumont £170
Santana £160        Purdy £185        Knight £175

I know Clarks have great boots and cheaper than DUO but (for me) they don't ever fit me :-(

How do you find shopping for winter knee high boots? Do you have quirky calves that are tricky to find a good fitting boot?



  1. I've never tried Duo actually. I've got odd shaped legs - not particularly skinny but I always get a gap on the outside of my long boots. The Hobbs elastic ones are great for it I find and I made the big investment a few years ago...never regretted it! Off to check out Duo now the look of what you've shown here x

  2. I've got wide feet but pretty standard sized calves so that presents a bit of an issue but my main problem is getting them over my ankles. One in particular because I had an Achilles injury that because of scar tissue has left my ankle a weird shape to get boots over. Next boots are usually ok if I get wide fit but most places have huge calves so made to measure sounds fab. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. I was going to say the Hobbs elastic ones were good too - but the last couple of times I've looked to try and replace a rather anoint pair I couldn't see them- must investigate as I would be upset if they'd been discontinued. I usually have a gap at the top around the knee otherwise...had never really considered an issue before, but Duo sounds worth a look, thanks!

  4. I have the problem that the fattest part of my calves don't fit in the right part of boots which are designed for taller ladies. I didn't cotton on for a while but you learn as you go or rather I tell myself that rather than that I have fat calves.

    And my niece has a pair of Duo boots - they are gorgeous. I was almost tempted myself. Really soft leather, very simple design and just hitting over the knee - almost panto like but looked so good. A bit like the Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots.

  5. Boots are the one thing that I don't struggle with ... which is probably why I love knee high boots so much! It's my favourite thing to shop for. My sister who is a 'skinny malink' and way slimmer than me, struggles with boots as she has big calves. Quite often when I'm fed up shopping for her size 6/8 clothes, I'll drag her boot shopping so that I can feel slim again, lol!! (I know, I'm a little, little person!)

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