Tuesday 17 September 2013

Tan Knee High Boots

I love tan boots, very much indeed! I own 2 pairs and wear them a lot. So much so that I think they are going to fall apart very soon .. and then I will be sad. I am missing some tan suede ankle boots from my life ... watch this space for an update on those in the forthcoming weeks.

I have worn them a few times over the past years

Here is my choice of tan knee high boots for when the 2 pairs above completely fall apart!

Left - Clarks Mara Vale GTX - £130
Right - Clarks Licorice Pop - £140

Left - Daniel Tan Idal - £159
Right - Daniel Tan Mica Boot £84.99

Left - Moda in Pelle VonnieTan - £129.95
Right - Moda in Pelle Vixon Tan - £169.95

My favourite ones that I think I'm going to order are the Daniel Tan Mica Boot and at £85 that's a bargain!

Do you own tan boots? Do you need some in your life?



  1. I have some clarks suede ones, you have inspired me i shall wear this out for tapas with friends tonight!

  2. I kinda of do need some and although I have just been offered a review from a boot company, I still chose black! I think your right with your choice, hope you get them before the others give up on you xx

  3. I have some Clarks ones from last Winter. I wore them all the time and had then re-soled and re-heeled because the uppers were still fine. I think they will make an appearance or two on Avenue 57! You look lovely in each of your outfits above. Love Liz xxx

    1. ooh the cobblers - I could do that with mine - BRILLIANT IDEA!!

  4. I always used to have a pair and wore them until they fell apart but I've swayed to shorter boots this last year so not replaced them. Such a classic colour though, they go with so much x

  5. Nope! Never owned a tan pair ... never, ever! I'm a fan of the flat, patent black knee high boot. But this year, I might just branch our and go completely mad - and buy a pair of the classic riding boots with the tan piece at the top :) Does that count? Can I be part of the tan boot brigade then? Please?!!

  6. I have some tan knee highs I got in Tunisia last winter & I can't wait to wear them again! I totally love you in the white jeans & grey cross over & very soon I'll have all those items & will so steal your style! ;) Ax