Thursday 10 January 2013

My favourite outfit

I love being comfortable, I hate being uncomfortable.  If I have to 'get dressed up' for the day you will so often find me 'dressed down' the moment I walk through the door.  Tomorrow I have 2 important meetings in London so I know I'll be semi suited and booted (most uncomfortable) so today I KNEW I'd be wearing old favourites and comfy clothes.

I bought these jeans in TK Maxx a few months ago and could now kick myself that I didn't buy 2 pairs.  Do you ever do that?  Not kick yourself, I mean buy 2 of something that you KNOW you love?  I have 4 pairs of the exact same pair of skinny jeans because they are perfect for me.  3 pairs are now a faded blue but one is still pristine and I wear them when I want smarter jeans look.

I'm also on a bit of spending freeze at the moment due to the annual tax returns I've just done - I HATE THE TAX MAN and all he takes from me each year - if it weren't for him then I'd have an even bigger wardrobe!

I've been digging deep into the wardrobe lately to make good use of what I already own and have been surprised at how much stuff I own if I actually LOOK HARD and get creative.

Here I am today, in what has to be my most favourite comfiest outfits ever, one that I won't change out of as soon as I head back into the house later after a day at work.

Jumper - New Look
Jeans - TK Maxx
Boots - Next (V similar and go with EVERYTHING)
Coat - River Island

Do you have a favourite outfit you wear again and again?  Are you busy spending or are you like me and having a break from spending?  I would love to see your outfit on Avenue 57!



  1. I hate being uncomfortable too and looking nice usually equates being a little uncomfortable. I'm a real jumpers and jeans girl so I totally identify with this outfit as you can guess ... and I have a parka which is similar in style. And yes - very guilty of buying two or more of the same thing because they are useful or I'm scared they will wear out. Currently contemplating getting another pair of my Office Namesake boots incase I knack them up too much. And if I do ... I just know the original pair won't wear out. And if I don't - they will. Ho hum.

  2. Buy the second pair if you can .. and if you love them that much you WILL wear them!
    I do love jeans and jumpers, would wear EVERY day if I thought I could get away with it!!!

    Glad I'm not the only one who feels uncomfortable if smart!

  3. Oh I do love dressing up and tend to feel a bit scruffy in a jumper and jeans…so I usually go for heels and a smarter jacket if that's what I'm wearing. Having said all that, I love the look on other women - and envy how some girls can look effortlessly stylish in jeans and a jumper. You look great today and Sue does it too. Hope today's meetings went well and good luck with the tax return..urgh! x

  4. Meeting is tomorrow - eek!
    I shall be wearing jeans/blazer combo tomorrow or shift dress/cardigan - can't decide ........

  5. You are looking so nice and simple. I like your Jumper color.

  6. Cant beat a comfy outfit. If I have to go during the day, I dress up and get changed into something comfortable as soon as I get home! I think I'm all pretty much spent out but did well in the sales.