Friday 11 January 2013

What to wear to a meeting?

Today I had a meeting in London.  For me (live in country) it's a BIG thing.  I always feel very grown up getting up early, getting ready, arriving (anally) early for the train so I don't miss it, trying to look so grown up and confident whilst really checking, double checking and checking again that I am on the right train!

When I'm on the train I get my kindle out and look like I do this every day.  But I don't and I can't help but people watch and eavesdrop into conversations whilst still looking like I'm just another commuter!  Today I witnessed someone talking to his best friend in Australia on Skype  an executive talking about some £100k deal and the father on his way home after a week away (always gets me when Dads are talking to their children!).

So what do you wear to a semi important but casual meeting these days?  When I was younger it would have been a suit without question.  But times have changed.  I didn't think that jeans would cut it, even with a blazer.  I would have been cold in a shift dress (that is a smidgen too short) so I went for my ANCIENT safe smart but casual attire.

I created the look first on Polyvore and then wore the actual items - this is a new thing of mine - create, wear, show and tell - I love it!

What do you think?  Do I pass as a 'commuter' and a grown up lady?  What do you wear to meetings or does it totally depend on the kind of meeting you're having?

For more looks by gorgeous woman all over the world, check out Avenue 57 - would love to see you on there.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Love how you have re-created the outfits! Looking great in all three but my fav has to be the new grey boots…awesome. Avril x

  2. I'm just like you when travelling on public transport - I'm a car girl so when I have to get on a train - it all feels a bit like playtime and pretending. I see you have the Isabel Marant Jenny boots featured in your last polyvore - they're one of my pairs of dream boots!

  3. @schoolgatestyle .. I started doing the Polyvore thing this week, I really like seeing it flat on screen and then on a live person! These boots are going to be worn so much. I want to wear with burgundy jeans but my new Christmas belly won't fit into old burgundy jeans - I tried the other day!!

    @Sue I love the boots too - I have just bought a similar pair from Clarks ... very very similar and a FRACTION of the price tag. (Avril told me all about them!) -[1]=1087

    Clarks directly do them in tan - I did not know this until now and they're only £49.99 ... would it be SO wrong to have both pairs?


  4. Finally!!!!! I've joined up with bloglovin (no idea what took me so long, duh!) and am now following you officially! Phew! Love the 'formal' outfit and lol, I'm exactly the same on a train. I'm always convinced I've got the wrong one and I love nothing more than a good bout of eavesdropping:) Helen

  5. Hi there! I love your sets, particularly 2 and 3, I love looks made up with jeans included! That red bag is gorgeous too! Have a good weekend1