Thursday 23 May 2013

7 Days, 7 Looks

I am sat here shivering - it's May, it's 6 degrees and I am 'this' close to putting the heating on - WTF?

I've had a good couple of days with work and getting out and about and I feel on top of the world instead of behind it as I have been these past few weeks.

The shop is still going well and now I'm getting lots of nice orders for scarves for teachers end of term presents - what a great idea hey?

Opened the local newspaper today to see my face in print - I loved writing the article but it feels weird that that is 'me' - just me, but thousands will read it - I feel a bit special if I'm honest :-)

7 days and 7 looks - all a bit sad as they're very winter like but seriously the weather dictates EVERYTHING in my life.

Grey Top - Sainsbury's Current - £10
Jeans - TK Maxx
Boots - Next
Necklace - Avenue 57 Pop Up Shop - £15 (sold out can order more though!)

Grey Top - Mango
Capri Trousers - Next (current) - £38
Necklace - Avenue 57 Pop Up Shop - £15 (sold out can order more though!)

Top - Avenue 57 Pop Up Shop - £12
Jeans - Esprit - £15 (can't find online) but current
Necklace - Avenue 57 Pop Up Shop - £15
Shoes - Deichmann - £10

Top - Dorothy Perkins - old
Jeans - TK Maxx - old
Bag - Esprit - cannot find online but is current
Boots - Deichman - old

Top - New Look Sale - £4 - yes, £4!
Khaki jeans - Sainsbury's - old
Gold pumps - Clarks - old

Jumper - H&M - £2 (I am so tight when I shop!)
Scarf - Sainsburys - £5 (current but hard to find)
Jeans - H&M - old
Boots - Next - old but do have some similar available today

Dress - Me+Em - this is so freaking gorgeous I wanted to sleep in it! Can't wait to do a show and tell on this on its own - dress it up as I have, dress it down as I will show you how soon
Necklace - Avenue 57 Pop Up Shop - £15 (only 1 left)

Top - Hush Boutique - old
Jeans - Gap - old
Shoes - Nine West - old
Chain mail necklace - You've guessed it, Avenue 57 Pop Up shop - £15

So having posted I see that I am a very tight shopper but I have a lot of things! Also need to get my hair cut but feel reluctant as it's finally, slowly, growing. I know I should at least have a trim right?

What have bagged in the sales lately?



  1. Is there a point at which we ever stop because we have every thing? I may have reached the should have stopped point a few years back and yet why do I still buy?

    1. I always buy - I love it. I love clothes, I love to touch and feel them!

  2. The black dress is stunning. And looks really versatile too - can't wait to see your dressed down version. I bet it involves a denim jacket?

    1. And the weather is rubbish here too. I'm sat with a blanket on my knees because it seems wrong to put the heating on in May!

    2. the dress is navy so very flattering, it does involve a denim jacket and some converse!

  3. Hi there! Such a lovely variety of stylish looks and the dress is totally gorgeous, that will be perfect for day and evening wear! xx

    1. I'm looking forward to wearing it dressed down for BritMums in June - wahoo!

  4. Since getting back from Spain the other day, where we only had one day of sun and heat, the rest cloud, cold and rain I've had the heating on loads! I'm actually getting sick of jeans to be honest x

    1. yes me too and I never thought I'd ever think that!

  5. Oh you look fab in all of those. I love the grey Sainsbury's top and of course, your own navy top is great with the orange jeans - wish I'd thought of that but I'm thinking that the taupe one would look well with my red jeans! Must try that out. Well done on your article and how fab is that Maxi - looking forward to the write up. Have a super weekend, Ax

    1. Thanks Avril - the grey smock top would look amazing against the red - looking forward to that!

  6. Love the maxi - stunning. You have an amazing figure!! (and don't brush me off by saying you're wearing spanx! Even spanx can't creat that bump-free look unless there's a slim body underneath!) I'm totally sick to death of the weather. Yesterday was lovely, but forecast is crap. Aarrrrgghhh!

    1. It's an amazing dress - it's all ruched where it needs to be - no-one needs spanx with it!
      Weather good today (Sunday!) YAY!