Thursday 30 May 2013

Day 1 - making it work for me

Right, off we go - Day 1 of not buying ANYTHING until I have exhausted what I already have. This challenge of mine will exclude any presents/gifts/free items (good get out clause I think!).

Today the weather is predictably boring and so I grabbed my favourite winter dress. Bought in TK Maxx late last year (DKNY £50 bargain) I have worn it a few times, always with tights and boots but thinking I could do a bare leg and ankle boots. Not today though, it was lashing down with rain at 8am for the school run and now it's just dull and not warm. Apparantly tomorrow it's going to be warm and sunny - yeah right, I'll believe that when I open my eyes at 6am.

So here we go - it's nothing exciting but it does what it does - cover my body, keep me warm and comfortable (a staple as I work from home).

Dress - DKNY via TK Maxx - £50
Necklace - Avenue 57 Pop Up Shop - £15
Boots - Duo Boots - a must for skinny legs like mine - made to measure and fit like a glove - £140

Already thinking tomorrow might be a white and yellow day ... thinking .. thinking .. thinking

If anyone else is up for the challenge of buying nothing and making what they already own work harder for them then join me on Avenue 57 to post your daily looks.



  1. LOVE the necklace - so sorry you are still in boots! Make it sunny for when I'm there in June please!

    1. The sun is coming and I'll hang on to it for you!

  2. Oh Fiona, I'd love to join you but I already bought a pair of ballet pumps today just incase my old ones give up the ghost. See - I have excuses lined up even.

    But I love seeing OTHER people do challenges like this :o)

    1. I shall live purchasing through you then?!!
      We must not forget that it is my birthday in September so I only have to limp along until then!

      Seriously though I reckon I could do a year .. if someone paid me a squillion I could of course .. just doing it for fun? I reckon I'll last 6 months!

  3. I've just had a holiday splurge on eBay, but once my bids are all over, I might join you for as long as I can!!

  4. I've just had a splurge because I hadn't for a while (MONTHS and MONTHS) but now I feel bad .. I have no idea why!

    Anyway, here's to a few of us thinking more about what we do actually already own instead of always reaching for the CC

  5. Lovely outfit - necklace is fab! Shame about the boots but I brought mine to Cornwall last July remember .... and wore them! x

  6. I think you've done amazing with your purchases & look forward to seeing you in your challenge! I'm on a self inflicted spend freeze atm too! The yellow necklace looks great against the grey dress! Ax