Wednesday 22 May 2013

Maxi Dresses For The Summer

Oh I do love a maxi dress for the summer don't you? In fact this year I'm all into the maxi skirt as well. I have recently reignited my love for New Look. For a few years I didn't think it was 'me' but as I've pushed the boat out with my style lately and I'm aiming to try more 'on trend' items mixed with my staple classic wardrobe, I'm finding so many good things in store (locally and online).

I've been dreaming about the sun lately (dreaming is all I can do) and how I want to buy some more maxi dresses and so I turned to my new favourite "back in love with store" New Look.

What are my favourite maxi dresses then? I can't do strapless even though I love them so much (no boobs and dress into strapless non-filled bra causes me angst) but I can't help but post a few pics of the ones I love so much (damn you boobs - perhaps I should just get a better fitting strapless bra?)

                        Dress 1 - £22.99        Dress 2 - £22.99       Dress 3 - £16.00 (sale)
  Dress 4 - £16.99          Dress 5 - £22.99          Dress 6 - £27.99

Onto the ones that I know will work for me

                           Dress 1 - £16.99          Dress 2 - £22.99          Dress 3 - £19.99

                               Dress 4 - £16.99          Dress 5 - £19.99          Dress 6 - £22.99

When New Look have a sale, they have a sale. I have bought some amazing things from this week. Some need to be returned for different sizes but for the most part I love all of my sale items. I have tried to link to them to share with you but I guess you have to get in their fast as I can't find half the items online now.

I love this batwing tshirt - cream and mocha striped. I downsized to an 8 and there is still lots of room to hide what needs hiding on days when you hide things. I know you're with me in sharing days like that?!  Tshirt was £4.

 I ordered these shoes because I don't have this style in my collection. I loved them online, hated them in the flesh but now I've pictured them I can see that they're actually really rather good - shall I keep them? They were the crazy price of £7!

I love these boyfriend style khaki trousers - they are a keeper for sure, but I need to downsize - these are a 10 and absolutely drown me - I tried to take a photo but all you could see were my pants!

The jumper is cute too - I love the colour and I'll keep it as well - only £10 and pink (along with lemon and orange) is my new summer colour.

Have you seen anything you love in the New Look sale? Do you own any maxi dress for the summer?


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  1. I love a maxi, they are so easy to wear on a piping hot day when the sun is really beating down (err does anyone remember that?) your haul is fab, the shoes are verging on the Bertie Bassett but whoever said that was a bad thing?!

    1. LOL Bertie Bassett - if only I liked Liquorice!
      I have ordered a black one from NL with a vest top top as I love them too on hot days (dreaming)

  2. Some fab maxi dresses here Fiona, we just need the weather for them now! I have also recently re-discovered New Look and have got some great buys including some great bits of jewellery :)

    1. oh yes of course the amazing BOGOF jewellery!

  3. Love the striped shoes!! You look amazing!!! Can't wait to get in New Look when I'm back!

    1. Seriously fab shop - hope they have a sale on!
      I knew you'd love these shoes - I will keep them!

  4. Oh I'm all about the stripes. Loving the shoes and the stripy maxi dress. I always forget about New Look so thanks for the reminder...I'm off to check my local one out this weekend. Avril x

    1. I love a good stripe too which is why the shoes stood out for me but a style of slipper I'm used to wearing inside the house only!