Wednesday 16 July 2014

7 days, 7 looks

I'm having a really busy time of late so blog posts are sporadic to say the least! I'm working 4 days a week now and play days are only Friday-Sun which is good as I have that FRIDAY feeling on a Thursday!

Have been busy buying stock for the shop and some bits have already sold out which is great!

Oh and the trainers went back, they were not fit for purpose (fashion not running) and now my spending ban is continuing way beyond the 9 month target I set myself. The reason being I have 3 breaks to save for next year (friends 40th in Portugal, friends 40th in Barcelona and I want to take Mr Blake and I away for a city break too). So it's all save save save for me. I still have EVERYTHING I need, I don't think there is one single item of clothing or footwear I REALLY need.

Here I am making what I own already work for me!

Going to: work
Top - TK Maxx
Trousers - Mint Velvet
Shoes - Shop in the USA

Going to: London to buy stock for the shop
Top - Avenue shop last year
Jeans - Matalan
Shoes - Jane Shilton 

Going to: work
Dress - AX Paris
Shoes - Converse

Going to: work
Dress - Next (current)
Shoes - Next

Going to: Work
Dress - Oasis via a charity shop years ago
Shoes - Tesco
Necklace - Avenue 57

Going to: pub
Dress - Avenue 57
Shoes - Next

Going to: pub
Vest top - Dorothy Perkins
Trousers - Avenue 57
Shoes - TK Maxx
Necklace - Avenue 57

I've also semi ditched Twitter in favour of Instagram. This platform makes so much more sense as it's all about the visual and to be honest, Twitter confused me!



  1. The saving will be worth it honey and I must admit you do seem to have a lot more clothes than me! Show me your wardrobe space? x

  2. Clothes come and go Fiona but the memories of the trips you are saving for will last forever! I take my hat off to you for having such amazing goals and things to look forward too! Completely love your last outfit....very edgy and cool! xx

  3. Fab looks, Fiona, I especially like the first one. I really admire your commitment. I need to begin as I'm off on a special trip next year for my 40th... Maybe next month though! Lynne xx

  4. Great looks as always Fiona, really like the floral trousers. I agree with you about twitter I've stopped using it, just addicted to Instagram!
    Sue x

  5. Love, love, love those Mint Velvet trousers.
    Trips like those are definitely worth saving for ... and with the amount of clothes you already have, you'd be mad to blow your money on more. Keep saving - you're doing an amazing job! Yours in awe xx

  6. It's grey to see all those photos in one post - you totally suit the bright colours, especially the green - it's stunning on you! And continuing well done on your spending ban - you are amazing x