Wednesday 12 August 2015

Carnage and a tan removal mitt

Let's gloss over the fact that I've not been around for a while blogging. A few good reasons:

Summer holidays (they are over soon aren't they? Please tell me so)
Life (work, house, husband, kids etc etc)
A book - you have to read this if you love easy to read books

CARNAGE: Book #1 The Story Of Us by Lesley Jones 
In essence it's a love story but it's no Mills & Boon (neither is it on a par with 50 Shades of Grey)! I picked it up last Monday evening and COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! I literally ignored everyone for 2 days and I read it through the night too. Amazing how little sleep you actually need. It has a follow up book and that didn't disappoint either.

Tan Removal Mitt
I ordered these tan mitts last month for the shop and I wasn't so sure if they would work or not. I am TERRIBLE at applying false tan even though I use it all the time. I am ok with face/neck/arms and the main bits of my legs but don't ever look closely at my wrists/hands and feet.

My very good blogging friend Avril from School Gate Style ordered one after I'd raved online about them and she too loved hers!  Since then many many many false tan lovers have ordered. I have a few left so if you love false tan but you hate the mistakes you make on application OR you want to get rid of the uneven fade then it's the best £6 you will spend.  Order online here today.

Let's see if this simple post has cleared by bloggers block!


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