Tuesday 18 August 2015

Tu Clothing now online - HOORAH!

I can't tell you how long I have been waiting for this! I promise you, at least 3 years+. I have written to Sainsbury's many times asking them when they would do it, did they want a hand sorting it out etc and now I am so pleased that Tu Clothing from Sainsbury's is ONLINE!

I have so many clothes from there that when I wear them people always ask and are always shocked when I say 'Sainsbury's'. Gone are the days of being a snob about where you bought your clothes from.

Oh can I just say now - THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST! I gush about all things I love and want to share with you.

This week Tu Clothing is offering 25% off everything online and instore and off ALL items including sale items) - WAHOO WAHOO double WAHOO!

The ladies over at Avenue 57 (secret outfit sharing group on Facebook - get in touch if you want to join - fiona@avenue57.com) are getting all excited about a lot of things. Including:

Navy Love Heart Dress - £13.50 (after discount)

Gok Multicoloured Printed Wrap Dress - £26.25 (after discount)

Navy Stripe 2 in 1 Jumper - £16.50 (after discount)

Gok Red Cable Knit Jumper - £16.50 (after discount)

Chambray Midi Skirt - £15 (after discount)

Navy Striped Bardot Top - £9 (after discount)

When was the last time you either looked online or had to pop to your local Sainsbury's to go clothes shopping buy milk?


PS: I have 25% off all scarves online this week - hop on over to check out the 25+ styles available


  1. I know how much you've wanted them to be online - I reckon they gave in to you! Don't have one local, feel like I'm always missing out! Need to pop in when I'm near one and check them out properly x

    1. EVERYONE knows how much I have waited for this but having been on the site last night to place an order it's still got teething problems .. I'll wait a while longer I think!

  2. Ha, ha, glad they finally listened to you ::)
    No Sainsburys in Dublin, but I know from blogs that their clothes are usually worth a look. Presumably it's free postage?

    1. I am so pleased they listened to me too :-) Obviously it was ME that made this happen #dreaming!
      I think they do a free click and collect over £15 but that's useless if you don't have a local store!!!! TERRIBLE that they charge for deliver. I charge for delivery because I'm a small home based store but for a big company like this to charge £3.95 it's not on!
      Oh they have so much to learn. If only they'd employed me to roll this out !

  3. I'd say they missed a trick not employing you to roll this out Fiona....they still have a long way to go and they need to start listening to their customers!! Some great picks....love the Bardot top and the midi skirt....there are a few branches in my area so I will be checking out what else is on offer next time I do my food shop! xx