Tuesday 22 September 2015

Grey ankle boots

I went away this weekend to the British seaside with 2 of my girlfriends. We had no plans other than to drink and eat. We did very well at those two activities.

We saw

We ate

We drank

We wore

Unfortunately I don't have any photos!!! Sometimes it's good not to take a photo of everything right? Note to self: take photos of your friends/food/drink as you never know when you might need to blog!

Actually there are 2 photos of my Mum and I and of my friends and myself scoffing cake on Saturday.

Right, back to the main point which is grey ankle boots. My friend (in green who has ballet pumps on in the picture) brought with her these boots she'd just purchased from Mint Velvet. They look high but they're not too high. What they are ... is ... BLOODY AMAZING! They looked so good.

Last year grey boots were like rocking horse poop. This year they're everywhere!

Grey Boots - Mint Velvet - £149 (sounds a lot but they will last for years and they are amazing)
More grey boots from Mint Velvet



Next Grey Slouchy Boots - £55 (I have these in tan and wear them a lot)
Next Leather Grey Ankle Boots - £80

River Island Grey Fringed Boots - £70

Marks & Spencer - £59

House of Fraser Slouchy Grey Ankle Boots - £55

John Lewis Grey Nubuck Boots - £85

Told you there were a lot, I've not even scratched the surface. I want to buy the MV ones I mentioned that my friend has but I need a PROPER WARM winter coat and that's going to cost me over £150, plus I've had some 'treatment' on my face .. oh go on then, I've had botox and will blog about that shortly.

Grey boots anyone? (I already have 2 pairs, one from Peacocks that cost me £15 and some from a US store called Old Navy 2 years ago).


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  1. I think the John Lewis ones are the nicest - just love that dip in the front and it makes them so flattering to wear too. Looks like you had a fab weekend....looks like you're in the South of France with the blue skies! Ax

    1. I guess the JL ones are the most versatile for wearing with dresses etc etc
      I can't get the MV ones out of my head though!

  2. I love the last ones - I need to check them out in the flesh. Your hair looks fab by the way Fiona. Can't wait to hear more about the botox! x

  3. Love the grey slouchy ones from Next, just what I've been looking for. I'm all about the grey at the moment! Ps your hair is looking fabulous! X

    1. Thank you Sarah - still not happy but hoping it will all get sorted this Friday! I have the tan version on the grey slouchy ones - they are the most worn pair of boots I own!

  4. I am desperate for some grey ankle boots! Proper grey, medium to dark - not taupe, or light grey. However, I don't wear leather and can I find a decent pair that I like? Can I hell! They are definitely like rocking horse poop. The search continues....

    1. I will try and find (are you part of the facebook (secret) group on Facebook? If not, email me and I will add you in! fiona@avenue57.com

  5. I have purchased some grey boots from Jigsaw and I love them. I am looking forward to wearing them. They are a bit like the John Lewis ones (but nicer) Get you, Botox!!! can't wait to hear all about it. xx (love the pics btw)

    1. I want to see your boots!!!
      This is the 4th time I've had botox :-)!

  6. Oh think a good pair of boots are worth investing in. I love the Mint Velvet ones. Gorgeous! Lynne xx

  7. Love the mint velvet ones...was coveting them the other day xx