Monday 3 June 2013

Heavy Weekend

Man alive I need to dry out! Started drinking rose in the sun on Saturday afternoon, fell asleep on my youngest bed (with him) at 8pm bedtime. Stumbled half asleep back to my own bed at 11pm and then I did the same again yesterday! At least I've been getting lots of sleep!!!

Fun weekend with lots of drinking and eating and having fun with friends. The weather is GLORIOUS here in the UK and I'm totally loving the warmth.

I wanted to get my legs out to catch some colour yesterday but as I sat at a table with legs covered underneath I didn't achieve this! Slapped on some false tan this morning!

I don't like my legs - they're old and my knees 'have gone' but I am determined to wear these shorts more as they are ridicuously comfortable (not the most stylish, I appreciate that!). Still loving my Sainsbury's smartie belt and I added the denim shirt for a layer of warmth whilst food shopping for a BBQ

Finally I can get into these super pink jeans - they were £5 in H&M a couple of months ago - they're a size 12 and a bit tight but I have a baggy waisted top on and a scarf. I added a denim jacket for the school run but couldn't hang around taking photos because behind me in the bed was a poorly 41 yr old!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun and don't forget to slap on the sun cream if you're out!

So that's 5 days, 5 different outfits and 95 more days to go!



  1. Love, love, love - the belt and the pink jeans are just fabulous. Nothing wrong with your knees - knees are odd things but no one has 'good' knees! xxxx

  2. The pink jeans are amazing & I agree with the above! Who has 'nice' knees?! LOL! You have amazing legs! Hope the poorly one is OK now?! Ax

    1. You are so kind :-)
      Big poorly one fine and what a treat to have help at bedtime!

  3. I can't believe 12 is that tiny! You look great and have fab knees!

  4. How can you not like your legs????? I'm sending you a virtual smack right now!! They're slim, straight, toned and clear ... what more do you want?? And repeat it again, 'knees, schmeez'!! Love the pink jeans and love the sandals.