Tuesday 11 June 2013

Time Flies When ...

you're busy. Yet again I am totally snowed under with work work, children (on another 3 day break) and weekend partying (not complaining but chores are totally ignored during these times). The week ahead looks set to be manic too.

I started my own 'challenge' about a week ago. I was not going to buy anything new (I can be given things as presents though) for as long as I could manage. Week 1 under my belt and it was a doddle. I have loved looking for different things to wear and with our weather it crosses all seasons in one.

A summary in pictures of what I've been wearing over the past few days

Thursday was a day in the office, sun was shining but there was a nip in the early morning air.

Maxi - Sainsburys
Necklace - Avenue 57
Denim Jacket - TK Maxx
Sandals - UGG® - current

Outfit on the left was for picnic we had at school with my youngest but it turned out to be very cold so I added snow boots and an aran cardigan!

Outfit on the right was for our big annual school sports day event. I took the scarf and jacket off for about 1 minute - it was FREEZING COLD (wind) but sunny

One of my most favourite outfits - the top is so easy to wear and I love my dark denim jeans and the shoes speak for themselves. We were heading into London to stay with family over night. LOTS of drinking and LOTS of eating, it's a wonder I'm still alive!

Top - Matalan (current but not online)
Jeans - Mango (old)
Shoes - TK Maxx (old)

The boys in the family all went flying in the morning (as you do on a Monday) and so I had a morning to myself. I worked out I was very close to where I buy stock for the shop so I put on the first outfit as that is what I'd packed to wear but it was cold and threatening to rain so I hitched it up and wore it with my jeans instead!

Dress - Ax Paris - current
Shoes - Converse - old
Scarf - Hobbs - old

Head on over to Avenue 57 for some fabulously dressed women. If yo ulike nice things at a good price then head on over to the shop where I just stocked up on some fab scarves and one of my favourite slouchy jumpers EVER!



  1. Love your totally Charlie's Angels yellow top and aviators!

    1. very Charlie's Angels indeed! It was slimming yet nice and roomy around the middle for the expanding waist!

  2. Loving the yellow top too, might swing past Matalan later for a gander :)

    1. Yes do it's brilliant and they're not showing it online which is good for me and good for you if you have a local store to pop in to!

  3. Brilliant idea hitching up the midi! :) Love the yellow top on you too! Ax

  4. Love your striped maxi dress, goes really well together with the denim jacket. :)

  5. That yellow top is gorgeous. And pure genius to ruche up the midi dress. Great outfits.

  6. Loving that yellow top Fiona, such a great colour on you. Top marks for changing up the top- the things we have to do in this climate of ours!!

  7. Love the striped Sainsbury's maxi dress. :-)

  8. What above said - sheer genius with the dress!! Loving the yellow top too xx

  9. Wow-the dress into a top- fab!x