Thursday 20 June 2013

Packing for BritMums Live

I am so excited that in 24 hrs I will ACTUALLY BE AT BritMums Live 2013! I have many reasons to be excited:

  • I got my nails done especially by my beatician friend - TREAT (for me)
  • I get to take the day off work and leave the home without baggage (children) at 9am.
  • I will be on my own on the train for 90 mins and no-one will talk to me or demand anything from me (other than the ticket man but that's ok, it's his job)
  • I am meeting Avril from School Gate Style for coffee and a mooch around the East End of London to buy stock for our shops (mine, hers)
  • We are then heading to our hotel, where we are sharing a room and to freshen up before heading over to the conference site to meet with Marlene from Chocolate Cookies & Candies and Kat from Does My Bum Look 40. Hoping also to meet up at some point with Emma from Fashion Mommy.
  • I cannot wait to hear the keynote speech from Kirstie Allsopp on Friday and Katie Piper on Saturday
  • There is the awards ceremony on Friday night that is set to be much fun (please don't let me over drink!) - Water water, wine, water water wine ... yeah right who am I kidding?
  • I get to share a room with Avril - I think she is the lucky one sharing with me!
  • I get to wear two outfits from two amazing companies and who are sponsoring me for the event - Mint Velvet have very kindly given me a gorgeous top to wear and ME+EM have given me the best dress in the whole wide world - FACT*

*according to me and my world

Preparing to go away for a 2 day, 1 night 'thing' is proving time consuming - I've been writing notes so I don't forget anything

and leaving things on the stairs to take up with me to put in the bag

And then the whole deal of packing - fortunately I'm packing JUST what I need so no need for excess clothes. I have a lot of shoes, I know I am packing lots but I have heels AND flats because I know my feet won't last in heels all day.

Here's a sneaky peak at my outfits from my wonderful sponsors Mint Velvet and ME+EM

Right, enough of this chat, I need to crack on because I'm on the Style Panel with Avril on Saturday talking about blogs and blogging!  I also have supper for the smalls to get ready, make sure the house is at least half tidy before leaving tomorrow am, scoff a Chinese takeaway with the husband because neither one of us can be bothered (or have the time) to cook and then one final check that I have everything and THEN I can go to bed!

If you are going to BritMums, come and say Hi



  1. Have a fabulous time-love the sneaky peek of your chosen pieces! xx

    1. Thank you Sharon - next year (if this year is good) you should go!

  2. Have a fab time Fiona. Can't wait to see your outfits :) x

  3. Indoors is about right for this weekend! Have a great time and take lots of pics!

  4. Have a truly wonderful time and raise one of those glasses (wine, not water!) for me!! Will be thinking of you (and wishing I was there) and look forward to hearing all about it x

  5. Have a fab time Fiona. I'm so looking forward to reading your posts about the event and seeing what you wore. Love Liz xxx

  6. Have tons of fun, enjoy yourselves x