Thursday, 6 February 2014

Dr. C***y's C***y Shoe Emporium


I have to share this because it's given me a laugh time and time again over the past year. It's not only the shoes featured but the comments made by the other members. On Facebook there is a page called Dr. Cunty's Cunty Shoe Emporium. It's basically where the page owner and other members upload pictures of RIDICULOUS shoes.  I'm just going to jump right in and post a few pics from the page - if you don't laugh then I will buy you a drink!

Title: A rather splendid pair of loafers I must say.

Title: Après ski cunty cobblery of the highest order!

Title: My oh my!

Title: Good lord; why?

Title: Entirely heinous on their own, but as a coordinated set it's like a blue emergency beacon screaming "move aside, cunty coming through!"

Title: Camel toe cunthropomorphism

Title: Deck shoes with unique soles constructed of your Gran's old kitchen sponges: for the environmentally aware maritime cunt

And on that note I shall wipe the tears from my eye and post you what I'm wearing today!
Striped Bretton Top - H&M
Red batwing top - Avenue 57

Necklace - Avenue 57
Jeans - TK Maxx
Boots - shop unknown 15 years ago!

Once again, sorry for C word but it's very funny in this context!



  1. The camel toe made me giggle, nice antedote to any one who take shoes too seriously!!

    1. You cannot take any element of fashion seriously!!!!

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  2. The loafers win my vote - they're genius. Off to check out the Facebook page! Ax

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