Tuesday 11 February 2014

Where To Buy A Breton Top ...

I cannot tell you how much I love these - I wear them all year round, I own 2 but one is about to go to cloth heaven and I need another. The ones I have are a traditional long sleeved white tshirt with navy stripe. I'm thinking I might need to mix it up for the season ahead.

Here I am wearing mine at any and every opportunity!

My Top 3 Choices to buy today are:
Boden - £15

Marks & Spencer - £12.50

Atterley Road - £65


Yellow Flower Skirt, Boden
Bretton Top, Jaeger
Mint Green Necklace, Avenue 57
Mint Green Clutch, New Look
Mint Green Shoes, New Look

Do you own a breton top?



  1. Do I what? Only about 6 of them! haha....love them. They are so fresh and go with everything. Especially love them mixed with pattern. And Boden is my breton top shop of choice. They just get it so right every year. Great post...Ax

    1. I obviously need more in my life! I shall purchase the Boden one!

  2. You can't beat a breton Fiona, they're never going to date & so great for wearing with most things in your wardrobe. Especially loving the Boden one.
    Jane xx

  3. Loads, can't live without them and am also looking to mix it up with a twist on the original this year x

  4. Erm I have three Bretons & too many other stripe tops to count. I have a Breton tunic too come to think of it. Second the boden Breton love, mine is still going strong after 3 years.

  5. Lol!! Just added to my rather....ahem....extensive collection today!! Bagged a black and white one in the dregs of the Zara sale for £3.99!!! Whoop whoop for the Breton!! xx

  6. I will not confess how many Breton's I have suffice to say several! Love your Breton mix-ups Fiona x

  7. I have innumerable stripy tops - a few which I truly call Bretons and the rest are jersey stripy numbers but I love them all. I've not actually tried any from Boden yet - I may remedy that this year.

  8. I adore a Breton, a classic non?! Love the Atterley Road one, I really find it I pay a little more they last so much longer and keep their colour better, I have a Jack Wills one that I loved but went grey after two washes..therefore making my previous comment null and void as I paid loads for it! Dah! Nevertheless I love a Breton and I love the outfit you have put together...come on Spring!! xx

  9. Boden, yes, but also try the ones from Johnnie B (the Boden teenage range). I'm a size 10 and I fit the 15-16 size. The quality is amazing, the cut is great (even for curves) and they are much cheaper than the main womens' range. They always go into the sale, too.

  10. If I had a spare £15 the Boden one would be mine! It looks perfect! I have one with 3/4 sleeves but could do with a long sleeve one! I can't wait to wear mine again when the weather warms up! Ax

  11. Love the way you have mixed your bretons with other patterns and have to confess that I don't own one! I'm now really feeling the need to buy :) The yellow Boden skirt is fab, I have my eye on the red version - although the pink is stunning too and I used it in a recent blog post - decisions!