Monday 13 October 2014

Animal jumpers

The good thing about having too many clothes is that you often discover little gems in hidden wardrobes around the house. This morning I was in my sons wardrobe sorting his rail out when I noticed to the left a WHOLE load of hangers with my things on them. There must have been 10+ items. So I quickly sorted through and found an amazing jumper with a fox on the front. I bought on a whim last year from Sainsbury's. I know I know I know I know, jumpers with animals on them are like marmite. I've always hated them but in the past 12 months I've come to love them. I'm not alone, check out these three beauties from the NEW AVENUE 57 GROUP ON FACEBOOK:

Left - Right: Hannah, Amanda and Kat

Where to buy an animal jumper today online?

ASOS - £28

Next - £28 (borderline daft I know)!

Joules via Next - £70

Peacocks - £16

John Lewis - £45

Topshop - £42

Dickins & Jones via House of Fraser - £49 This is my absolute favourite

Boden - £69

Biba via House of Fraser - £55

Joules - £69.95 (check out the front and back)!

Joules - £69.95

Here I am in my £18 Sainsbury's one from last year.

What do you think about jumpers with animals on the front? Best left for the children or funky and quirky for adults?



  1. Hmmm not convinced about the sweaters but for some reason I don't mind animals on t- shirts!

  2. I feel the opposite. I'd take a sweater any day, a t-shirt, never. How funny!

  3. I love them! But then I love fashion you can have fun with. I count amongst my possessions a fox, zebra, two bunnies, Bulldogs and a reindeer on various t-shirts and sweaters!

  4. For children I'm afraid . But you make me laugh so I think I'll let you away with it xx

  5. I remember your jumper from last year, Fiona, and it still makes me laugh! Not for me but love them on others! Lynne x

  6. Like your foxy one Fiona! H&M have the most adorable hat & mittens with a fox on in the kidswear dept that I'm wondering if I can squeeze my head and hands into! xx

  7. I just don't think they are for me but then I see Kat in her horse & bat ones & she rocks them! I think Michelle might have the right idea with the accessories! Ax

  8. Well....why not be funky? Not sure I could wear one, but go for it girl! xx