Monday 27 October 2014

How to wear a kilt

Or not, as I am about to show you!

I wish I'd written this before I got dressed this morning! I have a kilt, I've had it for a while now but I'm TOTALLY out of love with it today. I posted on the Facebook group about what is wrong with it and some said nothing, others said it's the shirt and others said it was the boots.

So I went over to Pinterest to see if I could get some inspiration

I was immediately drawn to this image which is EXACTLY how I can make my look work better

Or so I thought!

INSERT 4 hrs and I'm tired, losing the will to live and have just half heartedly tried a couple of other options. I'm not sold .. in fact, I now HATE THIS SKIRT! I think I'd be better with a brighter and shorter one like the MissGuided ones below.

Photos are all blurred, my hair is a mess and quite frankly this blogger don't give a damn! The skirt is never going to work!

I look like Jimmy Krankie - ie an adult in a school uniform

Whatev .. bra on show, false smile

Trying my hardest to squeeze a smile out when all I wanted to do at this point is stick my tongue out!

If I haven't put you off then where to buy a kilt:

ASOS - £30

Topshop - £40

MissGuided - £17.99

MissGuided - £19.99

Shall I just bin the skirt?! How do you wear skirts like this? Come and show me and the others on Facebook (closed group)



  1. Aargh it's really tricky. Round here the schoolkids wear a combination of shirts, sweatshirts and blazers, so all of those things would remind me of uniforms! I'd probably go for a boyfriend tee, a big chunky cardigan and biker boots. I've got all those, but no kilt, or I'd show you!

    Becky x

  2. Fiona I think you're too hard on yourself. I really like it with the first jumper x

  3. I liked it with the second jumper aswell xx

    1. I felt so yuk in it - like a school girl and the jumper was too tight!

  4. I liked it the first way you wore it, Fiona, but if you don't feel right then you never will in it. Lynne xx

    1. Totally agree, it's gone, the skirt is in the charity bag

  5. I'm going to be no use here as I am not good with skirts full stop! However I like it with the denim skirt and boots and with the shirt and sweater combo! xx

  6. It really is hard to put a finger on what is wrong, it's not the boots that's for sure and I do agree the jumper makes it look school uniformish. Perhaps a silky shirt would sit better, says me who never wears skirts! x

  7. Fiona, I love how you've styled it with the button down and sweater and opaque tights!!!