Wednesday 29 October 2014

Fluffy Jumpers

I had this jumper in my shop but no-one wanted it (I didn't give them long TO want it if I'm honest)! So I stole it! I first wore it on a night out with the girls to the pub the other week and then again today I decided that it didn't need to be a 'night out' type of item - it's an everyday one now!

Topshop - £42

River Island - £30

MissGuided - £19.99 (LOVE how they have styled this)

New Look - £22.99 (I'd wear with a long top underneath as this looks cropped)

Topshop - £30 (in the sale)

To fluff or not to fluff? That is the question!



  1. I bought one from H&M - haven't worn it yet as looks so bulky - not sure how to style it, maybe with denim short skirt and boots? You've inspired me to have a go tonight and I will maybe post pics to get people's thoughts. also love the baby blue one you have shown here.

  2. Hmmm, not sure about fluffy jumpers, you look great in yours but I find they make me look a bit large up top. I do love the grey Topshop one though x

  3. Love, love, love the River Island black one! Going to take a closer look at that one today ;0) xx

  4. I love fluffy jumpers. I've just binned a cream one from last year from H&M which I'm gutted about. Must buy a new one. Yours is lovely, Fiona. Love it with the combats and denim jacket. Lynne xx

  5. I'm a not to fluff girl - but having said that, I do love that navy one from topshop! X