Friday 5 June 2015

Finery London

Have you heard of them? Me neither until this morning! Apparently set up with a bunch of people, some of whom are ex Top Shop employees. The ladies on Avenue 57 are so in the know (I am not).

Off I skip to look at the website....

THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST, I'm just sharing a new brand that I discovered and thought you might too!

Favoruite Dresses:
Left: Vivian Polka
Middle: Larcom Ruffle Back
Right: Abingdon Embroidered

Favourite Shoes:
Left: Amersham Slider
Middle: Hepworth Heels
Right: Seville Lace Ups 

Favourite Accessories:
Left: Grenville Bangle
Middle: Everest Backpack
Right: Friendship Rings

However, there are some negative points to their website. I'm on my laptop and the images on the home page are too big - I can't see enough and I have to do a lot of scrolling. I can't read the white text very well over the white image on the About Us page. I do think that in today's over saturated web design market things like this shouldn't happen. But then as I'm in the industry (web not fashion) I guess it's something close to my heart!

This is what I see when I click first click on 'dresses' - the heads of 2 of the models

 So I scroll a bit and 2 just 2 more dresses. The images are just too big, so much wasted space.

Have you heard of Finery London? Have you bought anything? Would love to hear if you have.



  1. Thank you for sharing. I am SO out of touch. H xxx

  2. This brand looks fab!! Love the white Abingdon dress (if I didn't already have something similar I would be snapping that up!) The bags and accessories look amazing too! Thanks for the heads up Fiona!! Off for a peruse of their website! xx

  3. I've never heard of them but it looks lovely. Very pretty dresses. Lynne xx

  4. Aha! The joys of TWITTER!!!! :) :) (I snort at your instagram!) Yes, I've heard to them and totally agree with your observations on their website. Their clothes, and especially shoes, are getting great reviews though. I'm just really wary of ordering from sites like this, when I can't see the stuff anywhere and when I'm always hit with paying for my returns ... the downside of living across the sea!

    1. You are one step ahead of me Missus! Paying for returns should be illegal for big companies.

  5. Just realised you had posted about them too, I love it and apparently the quality is amazing, I have ordered the stripey dress so will let you know what it is like xx

    1. I can totally see you in that dress, it was made for you!

  6. I discovered them that day on the Avenue too Fiona! They really do have some gorgeous clothes! My BFF is looking for a dress to wear to a wedding & so I've sent her the link! Andrea x