Tuesday 9 June 2015

New brand - Onjenu

THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST! I am gushing because I'm in love! Those ladies on Avenue 57 don't half know how to keep me 'in the know'.

Today a lady posted "Hi all, just enquiring has anyone bought from a shop called Onjenu, think they are based in London. They have some beautiful clothes. I've a wedding in August and have seen a few pieces I fancy"

Off to Google I ran with 'Onjenu' as my search term. WOW .. just like Finery London that I discovered days ago I'm in new brand heaven! How do you say it though? On-Jen-OOOH or En-Jen-OOOH - I keep reading it as ONE-JEN- OOOH!

Let's not mess around - let me show you why my heart is beating fast. (I'm so sorry about the photos, I have tried to screen capture them as best as I can but it's shoddy, I know).

Short dresses - I love the wrap element of a lot of their dresses - SO flattering.

Left - Archipel Short Sleeved
Middle - Eli Cravat
Right - Evi Teardrop

Long dresses look amazing - I am so in love but I can't choose with which one I love more than any other!

Left - Short Sleeved Maxi Capri
Middle - Sleeveless Maxi in Yellow
Right - Fonda Navy Dot

Head on over to their site, I promise you won't be disappointed. Have you heard of them? Have you shopped with them? I'd love to know.



  1. So I had never heard of Onjenu either off to go check it out as I adore those dresses you posted. Isn't Finery fab too! xx

    1. Onjenu is totally up your street for colour and patterns

  2. I've just seen Avril in one of their dresses. Gorgeous! Lynne xx

  3. Hi! It just so happens that I am sporting an Onjenu jumpsuit on my blog today that they were kind enough to send me, and I TOTALLY concur with your assessment. The fit is amazing, and it is one of the most comfortable pieces I own!


    1. I now have a lovely dress from them and will show and tell shortly - I tried it on and it fits like a glove and is so ... so ... so flattering.