Monday, 8 June 2015

Swimwear for small boobs

Me again with my favourite annual blog post! I'm all geared up for a short break to Portugal at the end of the month with the girls. The plan is to be lazy around the pool and read/drink/laugh.

I have a tankini from last year that works a treat for my flat chest. I see M&S are stocking it again this year. What works (even though it's not a push up style top) is that it's ruched and so it gives the illusion of extra breastage!

This year I want to be brave and get a bikini but I need one that has gel inserts or HEAVY padding (not just  lightly padded).

Where to go? What to buy?

M&S Push Up Bikini Top - £12.50 -BARGAIN!

Looks amazing in the leopard print - £12.50

Debenhams £20 - I have this brand from a couple of years ago but due to over use (sun and chlorine) it's faded. This really does make your boobs look MASSIVE! I love it!
More from the Ultimate Beach range can be found here - If you want a bikini to make your boobs look big then this is the brand for you!

New Look - £17.99 (by the way, New Look do the best push up bra's too)

Swimwear 365 specialise all year round in push up bikini tops - this one is gorgeous (as is the model)! £35

The king of websites for making any small boobs look bigger is Max Cleavage (I know I know I know the name is hilarious but they do stock bra's, swimwear, bikini's, tankini's)

Check out their full range here.

Do you have small boobs? Does wearing a bikini or swimsuit fill you with dread? Not anymore my friends!



  1. Max Cleavage??? That is too funny. Off to have a browse immediately, as cleavage is something I seriously need help with!!!!

    1. So funny, I still giggle when I write it, see it or say it!
      Debenhams Ultimate Beach Range - you can't go wrong with that!

  2. I seriously need help in the boobage department too Fiona! I always find Next are quite good for a bit of padding as well as M&S, the first M&S one you have featured looks the business! xx

    1. I looked at Next but couldn't find anything (easily). I sometimes find their site the hardest to use and other times alright to use!

      I need more than padding!

  3. LOVE the M&S ones - they always do great swimwear. Now can you select some that will reduce my cleavage please ;) x

    1. If I had the answer for that then I'd be on an island somewhere sipping a cocktail. ALL my friends have lovely big boobs and all of them want a bit taken off!!

  4. I tend to wear Boden swimwear as its great quality. These look lovely. Lynne xx

  5. I have an M&S tankini & the quality really is great! I love the blue animal print one! Lucky you off on a girls only holiday! x

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