Monday 22 June 2015

Party time!

I have a friends 40th to go to this summer and I'm all in a quandary about what to wear. I was on the Esprit website as theirs was the latest sales email to drop into my inbox. There hasn't been a day gone by in the past 2 weeks where someone somewhere isn't declaring it sales time.

I love Esprit - love love love them, do you hear me?! I've documented many times my love for them and because I don't have a store near me or anywhere near me I have to shop online. I think they are one of the few places that have gotten better and better over time - the styling, the clothes, the prices, the online ordering. There are so many that could take note of how to make a website work properly - Marks and Spencer I'm looking at you!

So help me choose out of these beauts for the 40th.

Black dress (which would hide wine belly) - click here to view

Pink dress (something nice and bright for a summer evening party) Click here to view

Green dress (my favourite colour of all time, just worried about the length on me)
Click here to view
Purple dress (not sure I can still do strapless but I love the shape of this)
Click here to view

Whilst I was looking for dresses I had a quick look at the sales. My favourite bits are:

Navy blue jumper (here)
WAS: £29.00
NOW: £14.99

Khaki shirt dress (here)
WAS: £45.00
NOW: £29.99

stretch denim shorts (here)
WAS: £29.00
NOW: £19.99

pointed loafers (here)
WAS: £55.00
NOW: £34.99

Check out their other sale items and don't forget to use the size filter to avoid disappointment!



  1. I bought a dress from Esprit the other week for my hols and couldn't wait to wear it. There's something so simple about their designs. Any of the above lol x

    1. Esprit are great! Love them so much. Can't wait to see your holiday dress,

  2. I love an excuse like a 40th to get dressed up! I love the black dress Fiona.....are you going to try it? I think the blue would be lovely on you to!! xx

    1. I love any excuse to get dressed up but somehow a 40th is so special - perhaps because I remember mine so well!

  3. I think the black dress is lovely but I can definitely see you in the pink one too! They have great clothes & great prices too don't they?! x

  4. Love them all but you do look fab in green, Fiona. I never ever look at Esprit. Lynne xx