Thursday 13 September 2012

Animals on clothes – I’m in love

If I could I would – week 3 - Each week I bring to you my favourite items that I’ve spotted whilst browsing the internet.  I spend hours looking at the virtual shop windows trying to help the women on Avenue 57 who often request certain items.  This week the list is:
Tan Calf boots with a flat heel           Hipster Tights            Black cardigan coat
If you’re looking for something specific then just add it and let the crowd source it for you!
Back to what I started - OH MY GOODNESS – I’m in animal heaven!  Up until recently I HATED any logo/image on a tshirt/shirt etc but then I bought a dress with birds on it and since then I’ve gone all Dr Doolittle when it comes to animals on clothing.
I started writing this piece about collecting any animal on a jumper but I can’t narrow it down to just that as when I really started looking I saw so many FABULOUS things.  Horse print shirts, stags on jumpers, owls on tshirts, butterfly scarf, foxes on knitwear – honestly the shops are full right now of anything and everything – here is a short list of all my needs, wants and desires – my favourite items are the stag on a jumper, the owl on a jumper and the horse print scarf.



My conclusion is, animals on clothes are here to stay - HOORAH!  Do you like these items?  Do you think it’s all just novelty and you wouldn’t been seen dead in it? Do you own any animal clothing?  Don’t forget to upload your photo to Avenue 57 to showcase your latest daily look!
Next week I'll be looking around for the best novelty Christmas jumpers - I left it too late last year - I will not be defeated this year!


  1. Like the owl earrings very much! I own a butterfly scarf (bought at the East Illsley Sheep Fair of all places!), and a very nice top with a robin on from Torr Fashion in Newbury. At 37, I thought my animal logo days were long gone but this summer has convinced me otherwise. I think you're right that they're here to stay!

  2. I really like the owl earrings too - off to buy them this weekend!

    I've found the most random of places sell the best things! Hilliers Garden Centre have amazing scarves don't you know!!

    I didn't do animal print/slogans/logos first time around so I'm allowed this one?!!!