Thursday 20 September 2012

Take 1 LBD - can it suit 6 different women?

When Mint Velvet and Avenue 57 decided to work on an article together I was sceptical and excited at the same time.  We wanted to see if one of their items of clothing would suit all women.  Mint Velvet clothes come in a range from 8 to 18 so it would cover a large section of the UK women today.
I asked for their suggestion of which item would suit us all and they chose their Black Bandage Dress.  This is not a style of dress I've ever really considered, have only seen on celebrities and never really thought that this style would suit everyone - so I was dubious inviting 5 ladies from Avenue 57 to road test this out.  However, the 5 ladies chosen were delighted to receive and style the dress according to their body shape/type/size.
I was very impressed with how goods from Mint Velvet are packaged - who doesn't love a hand wrapped tissue paper parcel?
When I took the dress out it felt heavy but not so heavy it would be uncomfortable to wear .. it was QUALITY heavy and I squealed with glee at the prospect!  It has a zip at the back so it was very easy to slip on and do up - and OH MY GOODNESS .. it's magical!  When the zip was done up the dress held me in, sucked in my waist and boosted my chest - it was divine on.  It actually felt so good that I didn't want to ever take it off.  The length was perfect, the tight feeling all over meant I knew it wouldn't gape if I bent over on the top half and it was just stunning all over.
I styled mine 2 ways - once with colour heels and gold and then a more simple nude look - either way would be good for so many occasions - winter wedding, Christmas office party, day at the races, special lunch out, birthday party etc - the list is actually endless when you think about it - a staple little black dress is needed in every wardrobe.
The only downside is the price.  It's £110 so it's not cheap but neither is the dress - this is one that you would buy once and it would sit in the wardrobe for years and could be worn many many times over.
So here I am in the size 8 and here's how I styled the dress in 2 ways:

And now on to the other gorgeous women in their range of dresses and how they styled it ....
Age: 39
Dress Size: 10
Comments: "I love the neckline and it allows you to wear a decent bra underneath (of any colour – always a bonus to not have to hunt all over the show for a black bra when in a rush out!). I love the pleated detail as it was so flattering to wear and hid a multitude of wobbles."
Avril has also blogged about her experience here
Age: 43
Dress Size: 12
Comments: "I saw the dress and thought UGH – Bodycon (not my thing), but the layering effect and the satin leaves in the sides make a huge difference to its look. I love the length and the weight of the dress as it makes it feel SO good on. I am a 14 more than a 12 – the 12 fitted like a glove. This dress is just the ticket for Christmas parties and evening receptions at weddings.

Name: Nicola
Age: 45
Dress Size: 14
Comments: This dress is a lovely thick material, and the stretch in it means it fits to the body really well. I love the neckline and the length.
Name: Gemma
Age: 36
Dress Size: 16
Comments: The dress was scary at first, very heavy and looked clingy, but once on it fit like a glove, and clung and skimmed in all the right places. The material held me in and smoothed my figure out. The neckline is fantastic and I love the width of the sleeves as I can still wear a bra underneath without revealing any straps. I love the layered material and the satin detail at sides. It was very easy to accessorise differently and change the whole outfit. The dress made me feel a million dollars and I felt like I was off to a red carpet do. I just didn’t want to take it off!
Name: Fiona
Age: 40
Dress Size: 18
Comments: I was initially very nervous about trying this dress on – but I fell in love as soon as it was on. I’m planning to wear it to a for my 40th birthday party!
So as you can see, there really is a little black dress out there for each and everyone of us and I am thrilled we all look so good in it - hats off to the Mint Velvet team for designing clothes for real women with real bodies.
Have you got a little black dress that you love?  Who above can you identify with most and is it a dress you wouldn't normally look at but now perhaps you'd give it a go?


  1. Just fabulous - everyone looks brilliant. What a great dress! Avril xx

  2. I agree, it's really amazing how one dress can look so good on such different women!

    Now on to finding the perfect pair of jeans for all!

  3. I like this post, great way to show how fab all sizes of women look....x

  4. Really liked this post and great to see the collaboration - you introduced me to Mint Velvet! Let me know if you're looking for any volunteers for future challenges. Toni x

  5. Great post. Really interesting to see how one dress can look good on so many different body shapes and sizes. Now Fiona, where is that tangerine mac you promised to show?!

  6. oh yes that mac!! At the moment Blackberry UK is not working so I can't take the photo and post on my site - AARRRGGGHHH I feel as if my right arm is missing - will take photo and post soon - I PROMISE!

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