Friday 14 September 2012

Top 5 stylish poncho's

Ok, so I thought I'd never be able to get away with a poncho again (have worn them for the past few years) but some things are just forever items.

I have a fabulous chunky knit green one but I KNOW I need more in my life .. so the search starts and ends here with my Top 5 best poncho's for A/W 12

Grey Poncho - BHS - £24
I think I should now confess that I love BHS - they have seriously grown up lately and now include the under 55's in their clothing range.  Prior to the past few years it's a store I would past and think of my lovely Aunty Ruth - sure she bought her skirts and twin sets from there - anyway, as of late I've found it's a store I DO go in on a shopping spree and I'm not alone in my age group whilst walking around!

Orange Polo Neck Poncho - M&Co - £30
This would be fantastic over anything with anything (trousers/jeans) underneath - I can't ever say I've seen a poncho look good with a skirt under but anyone can show me if they can prove me wrong!  I love the autumnal colours of this - I'm so seriously tempted .......

Black Poncho - White Company - £165
Oh this is just gorgeous - it's big, it's baggy, it's got some detail in the neckline - it's everything a black poncho should be! Takes some decision to buy though at £165 and it's not even waterproof!

Lightweight Poncho - Tesco - £10
I don't actually like how they've styled it over such a dark colour - it's too much, but I do love the actual poncho!  I would wear over a much lighter colour and it's a great piece to take us from Summer to Autumn.

Light Grey Poncho - Wallis - £30
I can barely type I love this so much - if you look close enough it actually has my name written all over it (ha that fooled you!).. If there is one thing I buy with my birthday money (in 2 week's time hint hint) then it's this - IT'S (insert language of my 8 yr old) EPIC!

Do you own a poncho?  What kind?  I think they're here to stay this year so get them out and start sending your look to Avenue 57


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