Monday 10 September 2012

House of Fraser - wish list outfit

I am taking part in the House of Fraser style blogger challenge.  The prize is £200 and it's something I would love to win.  It's simple, all I have to do is put together an outfit of my choice and put it together here.  The not so simple part is choosing what to put together!  They have so many items that I have found it really hard to not spend hours on the site looking.  So to make it easier I've put an outfit together that I would wear for a function coming up next weekend.
We are off to The Painted Heron in London to celebrate a family members 50th birthday.  It's a long lazy lunchtime celebration with lots of amazing Indian food and fine wine on offer, so it has to be an outfit I'm comfortable in for sitting down and eating lots.
This Mary Portas dress would TOTALLY fit the bill for stylish and comfortable and just look at the oversized tummy bit - means I can eat and breathe and enjoy all at the same time!
I wanted to add boots as the weather here in the UK looks set to change so I need something practical as well as stylish (wonder how many more times I can use that word in this blog?!)
If the outfit is all black then there has to be some 'jazz' added in so I went for these funky tights.
I love tan and black and whilst I wanted to add tan shoes to bring the outfit alive I didn't think it would work in stark contrast with the black so I've opted for tan accessories.  This bag is gorgeous - it OOZES quality even from the picture and it's a great size as I'll be taking my 2 small children so I can fit in all their requirements as well as my own.  I have added the bracelet in similar colours to compliment the bag choice
No fashionista is ever without her sunnies so here's my choice for Saturday.
Here it is all together
So what do you think?  Perfect outfit choice for a lazy long lunch in London with family?  If I win the £200 I'm going to buy that dress for sure - it's EPIC and would work for so many events/ocassions (work, rest and play)


  1. Love your choices Fiona! I need that dress in my life, Avril x

  2. isn't it gorgeous?!! I'm not keen on the price but the style is just amazing! I love how they've put a colour underneath on the site

  3. Black with tan and brown accessories is always classy - going to pin this on Pinterest as it is a look I love. The dress is so elegant but comfortable. The other colourway would be deep, rich red accessories but that is getting a bit Xmassy then. However, you could justify your love by telling yourself the dress will (and it will) go far beyond one outing and can be casual or luxe depending on accessories. Keeping it casual with the Ceinture ( and brown boots would be luvverly. Getting on to find the dress on the MP website just now.

  4. ooh Jackie yes that bag would look great! Especially as a decent beach bag too for the summer! I love your website - you have the most amazing bags.