Tuesday 11 September 2012

Winter Chunky Knitwear - where to buy?

This week featuring Matalan
Whilst aimlessly wandering around our local retail park after coffee with a friend this morning I fell into Matalan.
I think Matalan have grown up so much over the past 18 months and now it's a shop I would go to if I were on a shopping spree.  Some of their clothes are too young for me and the style I have but some are just amazing.
Here are some of my favourite items from their knitwear section (which was massive by the way)
This has such a retro feel about it - it was VERY soft to touch and I had to step away for fear of looking strange!  I would wear with straight leg dark denim jeans and a pair of converse or similar trainers.
This comes in navy and grey also.  I'd wear over a ditsy floral dress or with a simple vest top underneath.  The colour of this is amazing.  I know it's a hard colour to wear for some which is why it's good it comes in both navy and grey too!  I do love a good cable knit as it reminds me of my grandad - just need elbow patches to complete the memory!
This is a really versatile jumper.  Easy to put a shirt on underneath for layering and warm or a long line tshirt so the bottom hangs out and the sleeves slightly ruched to show off the layer underneath - I have a stripey long sleeved tshirt that would look ace with this.  I'd team with black skinny jeans/cargo trousers and boots
Like the grey above, this is so simple and yet so versatile.  I would wear over my summer maxi dresses to get as much wear out of them all year round. I'd also wear this with slouchy jeans and Timberland boots or Converse again.  I love navy (sign of my age?) and I love simplicity - this jumper ticks both those boxes.  I'd also add a scarf if I wanted to wear it on its own to jazz it up a bit.
No wardrobe is complete without one of these.  It's a staple item and if you buy one you will buy more and more and more - they are perfect for elongating the body, throwing over your summer floral dresses and complete the look with a pair of knee high boots - it's a look I repeat many many times in the winter.  The cardigan is actually quite light in weight which is perfect because if you're layering for warmth then you don't want too many heavy layers (restricted movement and extra width is not good!).  I know I'm writing about chunky knitwear but I can't NOT include a waterfall cardigan - I own 5 in total and that's not without buying any for the season ahead!
I've saved the best for last - this is DIVINE .. I don't like it done up as its shown here but undone it's gorgeous - I can see this worn so many times in so many ways I don't know where to start!  It reminds me of one I already own but I'm guessing there is room in my life for 2?  If you want to wear your summer dresses then layer them with this.  A simple tshirt/jeans/boots look is what I would for too.  I would want to cuddle up with myself all day long if I wore this - it screams OPEN FIRE, RUBBISH FILM and BOTTLE OF RED wine on a cold, grey winters day!  
Which is your favourite?  I've only picked out my favourite ones but there are hundreds online - take a look and let me know which chunky knit you're going for this season.
I'm really struggling to choose a favourite - I think I need all of them in my life for this winter!


  1. I'm in trouble. I want ALL of these, I'm feeling the cold already and there's a huge Matalan right next to my work. But I'm trying not to spend money just now!

    Great post - if a little too tempting! I wouldn't normally go to Matalan but I'll definitely be having a look after payday...

  2. I feel your pain - I didn't want to like anything .. just wandered in and BAM .. I couldn't stop touching and feeling and saying 'that's nice' .. 'oh that's lovely' ..

    Matalan are so good at the moment - have fun not spending when you fall into the store tomorrow!