Wednesday 5 December 2012

7 Days, 7 Looks and WTF Wednesday

A week of too much!  Have some new clients that I’m working with and it’s giving me brain ache to be learning new stuff but equally good.  Have had a mix of work, coffee mornings, babysitting Avenue 57 and socialising – the latter was a bit too much for even me on Saturday night and I spent ALL of Sunday feeling so unwell (I know it’s my fault so I can’t blame anyone but really did they have to keep bringing the wine to me??)

On Avenue 57 we have started a December Style Challenge.  Each day we wear an item from the list – today it’s all about the ankle boot, tomorrow a bag, the next day high heels (eek!).  Full details of the list can be found here.

Thursday and Friday last week - both days working in the (very casual) office

Saturday was a family photo session and in the evening the messy night out (LOVE my leather trousers from H&M)

Sunday I was so ill (have I told you this already?) so there is no photo for Sunday.  Monday working from home

Tuesday working from home and school play at School - bless my 5 yr old, was so cute to see him

 Today!  I have lots of layers on because it is freezing 

I love this day of the week, it’s hilarious finding so many dreadful things online that you can buy today – I urge you not to buy them for fear of hearing ‘wtf is she wearing’ each time you go outside.

ASOS - £30 - I mean really come on?  A fantasia tracksuit?  For a GROWN UP? 

Peacocks - £12 I'm all for a bit of animal on a t shirt but this just takes the ......

Tesco - £10 Holy Moly WTF?  Who on earth ... WHO .. could wear these and make them look good?

ASOS £58 - Really?  £58 for an awful dress.  If it looks this bad on the 'model' then what hope is there for anyone else?

Debenhams - £85 - I can't work out what I WTF most about this.  The sheepskin ruffle neck and sleeves, the pretend tartan main bit or the vile leather duffle strap - all of it together is truly WTF on every level (oh and the price!) 

So there we have it, a lot of truly awful items that you can actually buy online today.  I had to really narrow it down this week as there were so many!

Hope everyone has had a good week?  Don't forget to take part if you want to on our December Advent Dressing Challenge.



  1. You always look so cute - must be that svelte figure - you can wear everything. A bit upset you don't like the gold dress - I love mine...joke! Still love the WTF Wednesday:) xx

  2. Isn't the gold dress foul?!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If I look at all my past 7 days photos there is not a dress of skirt in sight! I am never inspired at 7.30am to wear a dress when it's quite literally freezing outside .. that said, I don't wear them that often in the summer either!