Friday 28 December 2012

New VIP Fashion Bloggers Network - Daxon

Thank you to Fashion Mommy for letting me know about this new and exciting fashion bloggers network opportunity via a name I'd never heard of before - have you?  Daxon is part of Redcats, which is the 3rd largest home shopping organisation in the world - so there you go, you learn something new everyday!

So if I'm going to blog about something I need to see what they've got on offer, it's taken me a while to complete this because it's not a site I'm familiar with and whilst they have easy navigation the stock is not suited to me personally.  However, as with all retailers, if you look hard enough you will find something to suit you.  Here are my top 3 finds from the site today.

Summer White Dress
Thinking next Spring with ankle boots, scarf and denim jacket or with flip flops if the weather ever heats up - at £14 it's a bargain!

Jumper Dress
I love this - with the ankle boots it looks great.  It also comes in a gorgeous berry colour.  I'd have to wear shape wear to iron our all the body creases though!!  Again, it's £14 in the sale - result.

Pink Coat
I love the colour and shape of this - a classic coat to brighten up any day.  At £59 it's well priced.

Have you ever heard of Daxon?  If you want to join the network and receive £50 Amazon vouchers then simply visit here for all details, it's really easy to join.


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