Monday 17 December 2012

Sorry seems to be the hardest word ...

Really unsure where to start so I'll keep it simple - SORRY.  I have had so much to deal with recently (won't bore you) that blogging has been the last thing on my mind.  However, here's a super catch up of what's what in my clothing world!  I've been having fun with other women on Avenue 57 doing a Christmas Advent Calendar Themed Style Challenge (do I get a badge for the longest title going?!!).

Someone suggested back in November that it might be fun to work on a daily list of ideas to inspire us all to get dressed each day - The total list can be found here.  It was to be just a little bit of fun and to be used when you wanted to, if you wanted to and to see others interpretations of the list.

Here is mine from Day 1 to 17 with some days missed out for fear of you falling asleep before getting to the end!  All the outfits can be seen in full and in detail by viewing my profile on Avenue 57. 

December 1st - Animal Print
Rare night out with friends
Top - ASOS, Leather Jeans - H&M and Scarf - H&M

December 2nd - Favourite Jumper
This is the afternoon after the night before - camera required otherwise small children would be very scared.  Jumper TK Maxx

Mon 3rd Dec - Stripes

LOVE my bra here - makes me look as if I have boobs (I don't!)
Working from home.  Jumper - Gap, Jeans - TK Maxx

Tues 4th Dec - Blue item

Got to love a well fitted denim shirt!  Working from home.
Shirt - Sainsbury's.  Shapewear Jeans - F&F Tesco

Weds 5th Dec - Ankle boots

If I could dress everyday like this I would!  I've always loved a good chunky knit sweater, jeans and boots.
Jumper - Esprit, Jeans - TK Maxx, Ankle Boots - Next

Thurs 6th Dec - Bag

Love my Mulberry bag - goes with everything!

Fri 7th Dec - High heels 

Was meeting friends for coffee so a little over dressed but I wore a denim jacket and scarf to dress this down.  Jersey Dress - F&F Tesco and Tan Shoes - Deichmann

Sat 8th Dec - Bling

Failed on the bling but I do love my TK Maxx jumper!

Monday 10th Dec - Skirt 
Could only be a denim for me!  Skirt - H&M

Tuesday 11th Dec - Scarf 

What isn't to love about an oversized Dr Who style scarf from Zara?

Weds 12th Dec - Jeans 

Poncho, green jumper and jeans - my favourite outfit again - literally all TK Maxx!

Sat 15th Dec - Brown item 
Ok so I cheated and took this photo of my hair dye!  But I did dress up for the evening in red - I never wear red but I liked it when on.

So there we go!  For all other advent dressers check out the website.
If I don't come back before Christmas then have a good one, keep safe and have a fantastic New Year!



  1. I've been the same, finding it hard to make time for blogging. Happy Christmas to you too xx

  2. Wow - an epic. Don't worry about not having time - it's that time of year. I've just nicked the hubbys laptop to catch up on some blogs as my laptop is out of action after my Ben knocked a glass of tonic (no gin) water over it. It's currently drying out and making weird spluttery noises whilst it's recovering. Happy Christmas Fiona!

  3. Thank you to you both! Happy Christmas and @Sue I would CRY if that happened to my laptop!