Thursday 20 December 2012

How to shop in TK Maxx – A useful guide

I was really in two minds if I should blog about this or not.  In providing a helpful guide to everyone on how to shop in TK Maxx and get the most out of it I’m in danger of not being able to get the bargains I WANT because everyone else will be there before me!  However, I’m a kind person and if I can get such pleasure from shopping there then so must you.
I love a bargain and I like to buy items I KNOW other people can’t get/don’t have and so TK Maxx is a match made in heaven.  But it hasn’t always been like this.  My brothers have been shopping in TK Maxx for as long as I can remember and whenever we’ve met up over the years I’ve complimented them on XYZ or asked where they bought it – always the same reply TK Maxx.  But it’s taken me a LONG time to get it .. you do have to ‘get’ TK Maxx to shop there otherwise you’ll be like I was until a few years ago and will always say one or all of the following:
  • It’s a jumble sale
  • I can’t find what I’m looking for
  • It’s too busy
  • I never go in there
  • It’s just full of tat others couldn’t sell

Let’s take each on in turn and address them right here right now
It’s a jumble sale
It’s not, really it’s not!  All clothes are split into garment types, so you have dresses, jumpers, evening wear, sportswear, shoes and from there you then have it divided into size from small/6 through to larger sizes.  So if you are looking for one specific item (ie dress) then go to dresses and shop only in the size section that applies to you.  YOU MUST LOOK AT EVERY ITEM and flick through them because sometimes the real gems are hidden amongst the hideous items.
I can’t find what I’m looking for
Again, go to the garment section you want ie jumper and look at your size.  I cannot repeat too often that you must look at every item in the section in your size.  And if you have time have a look at the whole rail because some (most) people do not put back items in the right place.  You will become familiar with their colour codes for sizes so it’s easy to spot if a red or green tag on the hanger is in a different place.
It’s too busy
Go first thing in the morning or during the week – I never shop on a Saturday if I can help it.  If I don’t have the luxury of time during the week then I make sure I am there super early as the doors are opening.
I never go in there
I would like to encourage you to take another look in TK Maxx, it’s really amazing and often by picking up the one off unique items you can be guaranteed not to be dressed the same as your best friend or even better at a party, you will be the only one in the dress you chose!
It’s just full of tat others couldn’t sell
It most certainly is not!  There are a lot of items in there that are questionable but there are also rails heaving with discount designer goods at a fraction of the price you would have paid in their own designer stores.  There are also quirky new brands that are very reasonably priced.
The TK Maxx rules
  1. Buy it there and then if you see it – you can always return it if you have a change of heart at home.  If you leave it on the rail you can bet it won’t be there the next time you go in.
  2. If you have small or large feet then you are in luck – a lot of fantastic shoes in ‘irregular’ sizes are stocked (as well as the more popular sizes).
  3. The clothes also cater for the very small and the larger lady (or gentleman) – have a good look around and you will find something for you.
  4. Make sure you try the clothes and shoes on if you can and have the time.  I’ve often found that trousers are very long, jumpers a bit too baggy and so to save disappointment at home grab 5 minutes in the changing room to ensure a good fit.

So, do you like TK Maxx?  Do you shop in TK Maxx?  What’s been your best bargain?  I have a fantastic Cashmere Cardigan that was £80 (down from £300).  I have a gorgeous chunky Aran cardigan that was £35 (down from £180) and I have the best fitting Earl Jeans denim jacket that was £25 (down from £150)

Wishing everyone I know a Happy Holiday and here’s to an even better 2013 !  Looking forward to seeing what you are wearing throughout 2013 over on Avenue 57

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