Thursday 27 December 2012

Best of the sales - Matalan


Yesterday I blogged about the online retailer ASOS and how I loved them so much and have done for over a decade.  Today I'm going to bring you my best sale buys from a shop I've only been using recently - Matalan.  I used to think their clothes were a bit dodgy and I actually still think some of them are but with a lot of lower cost retailers, if you look hard you can find some great items.

I (and others) have posted on Avenue 57 before about the items we've bought from Matalan and now here are my best sale  items I'd like to buy.  Also at the end are my top WTF items on sale from there today.

In no particular order...

OversizedWool Blend Cable JumperNow £18.00 was £28.00
This has my name all over it – wear with leggings or skinny jeans and ankle boots or knee highs

CroppedBoucle JacketNow £17.50 was £35.00
I really wondered if I should add this but I've seen them on a few people in real life and they look so stylish and not all royalty or Maggie Thatcher I I promise you!

Be BeauFeather Stripe Jumper - Now £11.00 was £22.00

I love this, I want to stroke it all day long, but am I in danger of looking like Big Bird from Sesame Street?

MiniBeaded Chandelier Earrings - Now £2.50 was £5.00
They were a bargain before but now it would just be rude not to buy these!  The trick is to where them every day, don’t treat them any differently to any other pair of ‘day earrings’.

Black Racer Front Scuba DressNow £9.00 was £18.00
Very simple classic dress with racer back – I bought recently a little gadget from Amazon that holds your bra in at the back so you can still wear your normal bra (don’t get on with strapless ones)

Mid Wash Denim Jacket - Now £9.00 was £18.00
I love the fit of this jacket and the shade of blue denim is perfect.  I wouldn’t be without my denim jacket – works a treat for dressing down outfits and adding an extra layer when needed.

Red Coloured Skinny JeansNow  £8.00 was  £16.00
Red is such a good colour for statement skinnies, wear with ankle boots, killer heels and keep the top simple – let the jeans (this colour anyway) do the talking!

Black Wave Top Now £8.00 was £16.00
I want this top to wear with the red skinny jeans above.  Alternatively wear with black trousers for the office and a blazer.
I know I normally only do WTF items on Wednesday but it’s hard to do it today because these items really are for sale TODAY!

Please do share what you've found online - it can be WTF or real items - I do love a good bargain

xoxo to show off what you are wearing today

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