Tuesday 23 July 2013

New Look Sale is NOW ON!

Sat here minding my own business at work (day job) and I get an email telling me the New Look sale is now on - WHOOP! I have a gift card (£15) and I wonder what I could buy?

Regardless of the gift card, here are some things I would like to buy .... (30 minutes later) ....I went to see what little gems NL had on offer and I struggled. Did I grow up and out of New Look? Is the ONLY thing I am attracted to from there is the best bra in the world for small chests? I then looked at shoes and this is where I think I've settled in terms of what NL has to offer me today. That said there were a FEW items in the clothes out of the hundreds on offer.

Top Left - Blue and White Chambray Jacquard Skater Skirt - £10
Top Right - Navy and White Stripe Textured Tube Skirt - £6
Bottom Left - Cream Zip Pocket Skinny Trousers - £7
Bottom Right - Ruched Front Bandeau Top - £2 (purple only), other colours £2.99 (perfect for adding as a modesty panel instead of another layer (ie vest top)

You cannot miss out on this Mink Real Leather Biker Jacket - £30

And now on to the best bit - SHOES!

Nude and Gold Embellished Zip Back Sandals - £12
Black Crochet Wedge Sandals - £17
Steve Madden Tan Leather Lace Up Boots - £47
Limited Coral Ankle Strap Sandals - £10
Moda In Pelle Brown Chain T-Bar Pilate Wedges - £33
Moda In Pelle Nude Patent Caleen Court Shoes - £30
Head Over Heels White Silver Stud Lace Up Trainers - £17
Black Patent Court Shoes - £14

Oh and it's been a while - WTF?

Blue Aztec Pocket and Panel Sleeveless Denim Jacket - £11 - really?
White Floral Tapestry Cross Back Top - £6 - How old fashioned is the front of this?
Cameo Rose Blue Psychedelic Dungaree T-Shirt - £5 - LOL this is a tshirt pretending to be dungarees
Babycham Yellow Retro Print Alana Peeptoe Wedges - £27 - WTAF?

Here I am today looking slightly over dressed for a day at the office (yawn)
Top and Necklace - Matalan
Jeans - Sainsburys
Shoes - TK Maxx


PS sorry this is so dull (ie the post) but I felt guilty I hadn't written since last week! I have seriously lost my mojo - anyone find it for me?


  1. I love gift cards, totally burn a hole in my pocket! I got a sleeveless denim jacket from Matalan during my Style Project hunt and love it! Gorgeous ootd:)

  2. New look shoes are great I think, I have a few pairs and they are really good quality. You've lost your blogging mojo and I've lost my shopping mojo, seriously nothing is jumping out at me anymore! Hubbie is loving it though!! X

  3. It's been a miss season for me with New Look not that I have many hit seasons but every now and then they put out the odd gem. My favourite nude ballet pumps are the comfiest things ever and they are looking a little sorry for themselves now but that is due to the clumsiness of my boys rather than anything to do with the shoes themselves. And they're not making them anymore :o(

    Don't worry about losing the blogging mojo - I lose it all the time.

  4. I don't have a New Look anywhere near me. Or rather, I'm too lazy to be bothered to drive to the closest one which is about 5 miles away. Am I missing anything? Should I make the effort?