Friday 12 July 2013

Next sale starts 13th July...

That's tomorrow folks but the nice people at Next have allowed a sneaky peak at what's going to be on offer tonight.

I have a £40 gift card burning a hole in my wallet and I'm so pleased I couldn't find anything yesterday at full price to spend it on - which means I can choose any of these:


What I don't get is the people that either get to the store at 6am or actually freaking camp through the night - WHY? Genuinely I don't get it.

Have you queued through the night for a clothes sale? I mean really?

Tomorrow I will report back with what I actually bought (if there is anything left that is after the midnight shoppers have had their way!) if I can arsed to get to the shops on what is predicted to be the hottest day of the year so far - I might instead sip wine in the garden on the lounger!

Have you looked at the preview - what item would you like? The links aren't working on the site so you'll have to describe it to me - I've looked at ALL sale items (took a long time!!)



  1. Haha - great minds....I'm looking forward to seeing what you get! x

    1. I bet I get nothing!
      I am still laughing that as you put out on FB if you should get up I am literally asking why 'one' would do that!

      battle of the shops tomorrow - or I might wait until Monday!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I just get a VIP slot and miss the queues! No seriously I wouldn't ever go at 5am or camp out so I guess I'd just miss the bargains of I didn't get a VIP slot. I bought a few things but didn't go too mad in my allocated time Wedbesdag evening!

  3. Sorry about silly typos! On my phone! 8-)

  4. Hands up .. confession time! I was one of the freaks that went at 6am. This was back in the days when The Child was just a babe and I would go to stock up on all her clothes for the next year. I got AMAZING stuff at ridiculous prices ... and was home for brekkie by 8am. In those days, I was up at that time anyhow, so it was no hardship. And wasn't I a proud Mummy when my little girl look cute as a button in her new wardrobe each season!!!!