Saturday 13 July 2013

Swimming costumes for small boobs

Is it called a swimming costume or a swimsuit? Either way, I do not want a bikini or tankini - I want an all in one swim 'thing' that makes me look as if I have boobs and not two backs.

I have a bikini with padded top, I can get a bikini with padded top - I am happy with the choices that Debenhams, Matalan and Marks & Spencer have on offer:

Tops - £8
Bottoms - £5
This is what I call a good price (and they're not even in the sale!)

Tops - £14
Bottoms - £8
(these are currently in a 20% promo)

Marks & Spencer
Tops - £14
Bottoms - £10
(these are in the sale at the moment)


I can find 14 million that give tummy control but what about boob enhancement swimwear?

20 minutes later and having searched for:
  • swimming costumes for small boobs - results: Max Cleavage
  • swimsuit for small boobs - results: Max Cleavage
  • swimming costume for flat chested women - just a bunch of articles
  • swimsuit for flat chested women - results: Max Cleavage
  • swimming costume with padding - results: ASOS, Next, Marks & Spencer (but upon further inspection with ALL the results, it's just a costume with LIGHT padding - not proper boob enhancing padding).

In addition to VERY FEW RESULTS, I got a lot of articles telling me what style of swimsuit or bikini I need to wear to make my boobs look bigger - I don't want to read this, I want to read where to buy a swimming costume with built in scaffolding style padding.

Really, there is a HUGE gap in the market for a swimming costume (NOT BIKINI) that is for small chested women - where do I go to make one? I could retire in 2 years as I know a lot would buy it! I can't be the only woman on this planet that hates going swimming in a 'normal' costume? 2 weeks ago I went and I felt VILE. I felt everyone was staring at my non boobs/2backs/boybody/whatever - I don't want to feel like that again! This week I took the boys to the local outside pool and I felt a complete idiot in my push up bikini. For some reason being on holiday in one is ok but being in the middle of the countryside in one makes you feel stupid!

So to the pathetic results and really the only player in the market today:

Max Cleavage ( I swear I am not making the company name up) but they cost in excess of £50 in the sale (£70+ out of the sale) and from experience they (and other bikinis I've had) will only last 2 summers maximum.  AND you need around 2 so £100 on swimwear when I hate swimming, no thanks!

Max Cleavage - was £70, now £55 (why do I not think £55 is a bargain for a swimsuit?). Also they have VERY few sizes available - I would buy a 34 B (habit, I'm bet I'm really a 34 AA!) and they don't have anything in my size.

And whilst I'm moaning, can I just say that bog standard swimming costumes are too short in the body for me - I have a long body (I don't appreciate the DIY thong at the back and the DIY camel toe at the front).

So, if I made a swimming costume for me it would have nice built in foam scaffolding inside the boob area and it would come in different sizes (8/10/12/14 etc) and also petite/standard/long.

All joking aside, where does one go to design something and have it made for the whole world because there is this serious gap that needs filling.

What swimwear to do you wear and am I on the right scent with my need for this kind of item at high street prices?

If you are better at searching than I am please show and tell, I am desperate.



  1. I'm with you on this one - the chest as well as the long body. Actually the long body bothers me more. Please start your new line of swimsuits;)

    1. I knew I wouldn't be alone - I am absolutely staggered that there isn't ANYTHING around!

  2. That's why I only buy tankinis...for me they give me the best of both worlds. They cover my tum for the pool (where I'm not comfortable wearing a bikini), address the long body issue, don't squish down the boobs and then when I'm sunning myself, I can roll up the top to make it like a bikini. And I don't have to strip off every time I need the loo at the pool/beach. It's the little things...haha!

    1. I might have to go down this route but it's ridiculous! I've heard along the way that Next might have some!

  3. Natal an has nailed it again, vcant believe the price too. Just not tempting to enter a massive car park in this weather, think feet might stick to ground!

  4. Agreed. It puts me off ever going swimming. I do have one that was a fluke buy in Asda of all places. Decent padding, just about long enough in the body and with a halter neck which I think is very flattering.

    1. If I ever find a fluke buy like that I'll be buying 5 at a time!

      I found this which I'm going to order

  5. I love the Matalan bikinis - h&m and Target always come up trumps for me in the US - you can spend a bloody fortune on them if you choose to - I choose not to!

  6. Hi there-I hope you find something-like you I am flat chested and fairly long bodied but the only good thing for me is I've already got a few bikinis and swimsuits from years ago which rarely get worn, so will do for now. Thanks for your well wishes too, have a great week xxx

  7. I share your pain ... but I found one in Debenhams about 5 years ago which has both the padded bra bit AND the tummy control. It's lasted very well, but I'm hanging onto it for dear life as I agree - they're a difficult thing to find. Start designing!!

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