Monday 29 July 2013

Playsuits for grown ups

With all the lovely weather we've been having this past month I've realised there is a gap in my wardrobe! I need more playsuits in my life. I have one that I like and I want more. I even want to venture down one for the evening and to wear with heels - but am I in danger of looking a tad mutton?

Here is me in the one I own already. This is a definite day time only playsuit I think.

Here is one from AX Paris that I think might look nice for a night out if dressed up correctly. The key to the more 'evening' looking playsuits is the tailored structure (and heels of course!)

So what other grown up playsuits are there around today?

Heavenly cream - I love this so much - good old Topshop never fail to deliver (also available in red)

I love the colour of this one from ASOS

This is from Warehouse via ASOS, the detail is just gorgeous front and back

How about a cute playsuit with rabbits on it! Oasis have one just for me and you!

John Lewis have a great selection too, this one caught my eye particularly. So feminine.

So it seems cute little playsuits are 'in' - which is your favourite and would you ever wear one?

Am I brave enough to order and wear one for a big girls night out to celebrate my 40th in September?



  1. Oh, you look darling in your playsuit/romper. :) Love it.

    And your picks are darling, too.

    I am currently attempting to sew up a version similar to your last pick, so I guess that would be my choice, but I do love Top Shop one, too!

    1. ooh romper - not heard that term for years!!
      Sew your own? Wow you are clever!

  2. Warehouse via Asos gets my vote .. by a mile! I love it. It's very elegant, it's more 'grown up' than the others (definitely wouldn't call that one a romper!) and I think would look amazing on you for a night out x

  3. The Oasis one is lovely. I tried one on in Karen Millen last week. I looked like an Oompa Loompa in it. It's my 40th in October xxx Liz xxx

  4. I'm with Flaky - I love the Warehouse one - you look great! How about denim dungarees shorts too?;)

  5. I love the AX Paris and ASOS. Definitely in how you style it though...