Friday 23 January 2015

Skinny Cargo Combats

I have a pair of skinny combats in khaki (from Sainsbury's 3 or 4 years ago) that I adore. So much so they are wearing very thin and go baggy within 5 mins of putting them on. I care not for this latter fact but I do care for the fact that they are nearly breaking on the bum. A replacement pair is needed!

Here's how I have worn mine over the years.

Where to buy skinny combats today? I've found that they are hard to come by so I've selected the nearest I can find (which is basically a skinny jean with zips)!

Oasis via House of Fraser - £20 (in the sale)

Ralph Lauren via HOF - £160 (ouch at the price but swoon at the trousers)

New Look £24.99

Oasis £40

Mint Velvet £60

Topshop £40

Are you a fan of the combat? If budget were no issue I'd be having those RL ones in a heartbeat.



  1. I really love the Topshop and mint velvet ones! I like the extra detailing on cargo trousers, it adds a bit of an edge and point of difference to jeans!


  2. I love a skinny combat! Have you got a Gap outlet anywhere nearby? I got a pair in khaki and one in charcoal grey not long before Christmas in our local one. They were v cheap, and quite similar to yours. Worth a look!

    Becky x

  3. Yep! I love them, although I've never owned a pair. Another option is a coated skinny zipped jegging in Marks, which is €40 here ... which given their crap exchange rate is probably about £25 where you are!

  4. Gosh the rise on those Top Shop ones is so narrow. Being hipless I couldn't keep them up although I do love the colour. Bet you wish you'd bought 2 pairs now - they look so good x

  5. I own a pair of khaki combats but they're very dated now but I still wear them. They're actually baggy unlike your skinny ones. Fancy finding them in Sainsbury's! You look great in your shots!
    Lorna Mai

  6. Mine are from River Islamd and they are a few years old now. The zip is broken on one ankle and I could definitely do with a new pair! I love mine and I'm sad to say goodbye to them :-( Lynne xx

  7. I have a fab pair from H&M a couple of years ago....I'm sure they do something similar every season! I must dig mine out, yours look fab on them with the Stan's! xx

  8. I agree with Andrea - love the oasis ones! I ordered some from zara in the sale that looked very similar but they were up around my calves! Stupidly short & had to go back. Must check out a few of these options as they're a great wardrobe staple & I don't have a pair x

  9. Fiona, I ordered these and they arrived today. They're fantastic x

  10. Loving the Oasis ones too! You look so fab in your ones styled gorgeously! Xx

  11. I love mine too and I've found the same problem...wish I would've snagged an extra pair back in the day.