Friday 9 January 2015

Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Trends

It's hard to even think about the warmer weather when it's blowing a hooley out there right now. It's dark in the mornings when I leave to do the school run and an open fire is lit every night without fail. But needs must and I do need to 'think ahead' for the Spring/Summer.

I am a firm believer that 'trends' are no longer 'trends' - they are just repackaged 'themes' we've all seen before. I think anything goes as long as you're happy with what you are wearing.

However, as a duty to my readers I am hereby giving you what the 'experts' say is 'in' for the seasons ahead.  (All images via Metro via Getty)

Flares/baggy trousers
I'm pleased to see that flares are back in but a hard look to wear/get right if you're not Kate Moss or have endless legs.

Polka Dots
LOVE polka dots and so pleased it's making a come back this summer. Can't wait to mix the spots with the stripes.

Apparently suede is going to take over from faux fur. I am not convinced and would probably limit it to boots and/or a bag only.

Not 'bangs' or the short bit of hair hanging over your forehead but fringes on bags, clothes etc - anything with a fringe is 'in'. This was around last year too so it totally confirms that nothing ever goes out, just some things are highlighted more and more in the press.

Tulle skirts
Long floaty tulle skirts or short full tulle skirts are definitely 'in'. I bought a grey one in Primark for £5 a few months back, I wonder if I'm brave enough to wear this summer?

Gladiator sandals
Whoop! I have a pair of heels already.

I'll tackle each trend each day over the next few days. Looking forward to doing some research (cough cough) for my audience. This is not research for me at all, nope, not listening to myself.

Have a good weekend



  1. It is, actually, quite nice to try and think of Spring and Summer. We lost a glass panel, on the greenhouse, last night and it scared the doobies out of me!! I hate this wet and windy weather. I think I have most of these trends covered from bits and bobs in my wardrobes, not sure about the tulle skirt though. I will look forward to seeing it. :0) xx

  2. Oooh I LOVE suede, so that's very good news that it's on its way back. But fringing you can keep ... just gets in the way!

  3. I'm sure I ve lived through all of these trends before

  4. I like the sound of all of the above but can't participate in it all! So happy about Gladiator sandals & fringing! My fringed bag needs some love again! x

  5. I am so excited to get my flares out! Love fringing too. Xx